• [2018/06/22]
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  1. J

    Bug - Normal Crash Game

    I Found the solution, update this app on your playstore and it all work fine again
  2. J

    Bug - Normal Crash Game

    So it seems it isn't just Skullgirls problem, I tried opening pixiv & webnovel, it also got same problem, seems more like android acting up
  3. J

    Bug - Normal Crash Game

    Same problem here, after loading it crash into this
  4. J

    OFFICIAL: 2.1.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    So something happen to my skullgirls game, it feels the game become heavier and it was loading really slowly, and there's this bug that make my main menu screen black but I can still press other option as long I tap the right button location, this also happened to the daily event, it was pitch...
  5. J

    Any JoJo move that you want ingame?

    I would like peacock "it's road roller" move (summon road roller from sky) which reference to JoJo, saw it on steam skullgirls move and I think that would be awesome. U guys know any other JoJo reference move in skullgirls beside tuba tuba and sekhmet unblockable attack??
  6. J

    Is there a way to interrupt/counter BB3 move?

    Seems I need to clear my explanation. It was 1 vs 1 fighter locked fight in daily event. I don't have any problem fighting bb3 once I have the resources. The problem was is it possible to fight 1 vs 1 against enemy 4 time your power with bb3. Your power below 1000 and got limited move set. I...
  7. J

    Is there a way to interrupt/counter BB3 move?

    The reason I was doing move skill event was to get move, isn't there any other way? Like maybe iframe or something
  8. J

    Is there a way to interrupt/counter BB3 move?

    So after the data wipe I end up restarting everything and now fighting enemy 4-7 time stronger than my fighter. The problem was they got BB3 move which was pretty much auto loss in my opinion. I just realize this now after I went to farm gold move skill and realize how helpless I was against...
  9. J

    Bug - Normal Can't change skill

    So whenever I have change/swap skill on my fighter, going back to save it will result in no connection to server and even after multiple retry it still won't let me swap skill. In the end I was forced to use the skill that already used by fighter. This happen since yesterday and I don't know...
  10. J

    What palettes and signature abilities do you hope to see for future fighters?

    Eliza 15# (dio Brando) Name: World Class Rarity: gold Element: wind Signature ability: Stunning performance •15%/20%/25% chance on hit to block enemy blockbuster meter from increasing for 4 second, 100% chance during sekhmet mode •upon triggering sekhmet mode disable enemy blockbuster and apply...