• [2018/06/22]
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  1. UltimateShowstopper

    Bug - Normal Permanent armor bug

    Тhanks. Weird, the revival was not performed. Maybe the BLESSING buff must have worked 🤔
  2. UltimateShowstopper

    Bug - Normal Permanent armor bug

    Prize Fights, ¡VIVA LA FIESTA!, Miss Fortune Time Thief received permanent armor, although such a buff is not provided in this game and this character.
  3. UltimateShowstopper

    OFFICIAL - 6.1 Update Notes - Marie's Full Release

    Recruitment Nodes are great idea! It's pretty cool to try out a character before it's released. Parasoul Makima is incredible 🤩
  4. UltimateShowstopper

    Bug - Normal Marie halo

    When Marie used the MORTUARY CHARGE, the skeletal halo remained.
  5. UltimateShowstopper

    Bug - Normal Stun does not work

    У Енні був стан-дебаф, але він не спрацював (призові бої: «нескінченність і далі»).
  6. UltimateShowstopper

    Bug - Normal Daily events empty

    Sunday events disappeared
  7. UltimateShowstopper


    Wow! This is a great plan for 2023! 🤩 There are some doubts about the buttons for Painwheel and Peacock (I have no problems with them, and additional buttons are always a panic). Will more than 5 blockbusters/special moves be added for a character in battle? For example, it would be cool for...
  8. UltimateShowstopper

    Bug - Normal Model Leader + Dead of Winter (opponent)

    If a Squigly revives after killing an Annie, she revives with 4 stacks of armor. Is this a bug or a coincidence due to timing?
  9. UltimateShowstopper

    OFFICIAL - 5.3.1 Update Notes - Black Dahlia's Full Release - Now LIVE!

    “After all this time..” 😭 Finally, NIGHT TERROR update!
  10. UltimateShowstopper

    Resolved immunity bug

    Same problem. In Holodeck Hazards and Prize Fights. Immunity to Eliza's hex, Painwheel bleed...
  11. UltimateShowstopper

    OFFICIAL - 5.1 Update Notes - Umbrella's Full Release!

    Thanks for the update! But how to change camera settings? The characters are very small. I see part of the floor, but I would like the top ☹️
  12. UltimateShowstopper

    Bug - Normal Relics disappear

    By the way, I'm not sure. maybe you're right and she didn't show up 🤔
  13. UltimateShowstopper

    Bug - Normal Relics disappear

    Yep. Two were bought for sure. One was collected and it probably didn't show up. But I definitely pressed 'claim'.
  14. UltimateShowstopper

    Bug - Normal Relics disappear

    2 were bought in the Cabinet. 1 collected in the Deployments (Mission Control) after 6 hours. But in reality there were only 2, instead of three. Already second times this error in Relics.
  15. UltimateShowstopper

    4.9.2 Update Notes (Now Live!)

    "High Ruler’s Signature Ability now grants 5 Seconds of Fatigue instead of 3 Seconds of Stun" 😒 - Well, now she's not that good ☹️
  16. UltimateShowstopper

    Resolved Can't login?

    Same problem. ERROR 0. WiFi or Lte
  17. UltimateShowstopper

    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    Rift battle / today
  18. UltimateShowstopper

    Bug - Normal Fukua is broken

    Thanks! Now I added video.