• [2018/06/22]
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    Hacker running amok? Any devs aware?

    we have a hacker going on a power trip.
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    Collection Please add more move storage.

    agreed the move storage limit needs to be increased. i too spend too much of my time deleting moves. even got mines at the max of 2000 and it still doesn't feel like its remotely enough. really i have no clue why there is even a limit to moves. you are spending theonite a precious and valuable...
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    Characters Changing Umbrella's moveset effects

    the entire slime changes never made sense to me. going back and forth. like make bubbles cause slime on hit or on block and just call it a day. make it 50% chance or something if you don't want it to be guaranteed. rework or buff/nerf the umbrellas who get hit by this change negatively or...
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    Resolved Can't play parallel realms

    i've had this bug. i got stuck on the last boss node yesterday on a no mercy run. it seems the next day instead of refreshing entirely i was placed back in the same spot with same defeated fighters and nothing changed. kinda annoying since this is a daily event and you essentially lose out an...
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    Characters Devs thoughts on replacing Graveyard Shift Valentines healblock with inverse polarity?

    I'm not sure nttd would be affected as much here as its a regen source of heal and the curse component makes it so stacks wouldn't be gained unless they were already on the fighter. Mmmhh thinking about it if the duration for the inverse lasts long enough some people may think of having a...
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    Characters Devs thoughts on replacing Graveyard Shift Valentines healblock with inverse polarity?

    I thought about this during chat last night. I believe Graveyard Shift could use some love. We also need more units with inverse polarity and ones who wouldn't be too problematic to be given it or cause clear cases of power creep. Functionally nothing would really change. Against fighters whose...
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    Characters What if heart of darkness signature additionally also refreshed debuffs placed on enemies who tag outed?

    I feel like this would be a small to none existent buff and mostly an indirect buff as Chaos Marquee doubles would be gaining the most benefit from this change. HoD double would still struggle against the same fighters and anticrit and immunity/cleanse nodes she had before. HoD would still have...
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    Characters What if heart of darkness signature additionally also refreshed debuffs placed on enemies who tag outed?

    I've found the debuff linkage part of HoD's signature unused for the most part. even those fights where a player lands 10+ debuffs on an enemy thanks to chaos the enemy will just die usually at that point if they haven't and tagging them out usually isn't worth it especially on the higher end...
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    Characters New Big Band MA (easier to read + some number change)

    bad design. it just homogenizes fighter strength. big band isn't a healer/sustainer. also gives him a futile resistance on steroids which is bad design. futiles been nerfed like who knows how many times now. nobody likes facing it. if it were just the heal alone maybe maybe i could accept it but...
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    Unholy Host rebalance.

    this change wouldn't solve anything as there are far too many debuffs to pull from the debuff pool. not to mention it'd be both a stealth buff and nerf to many other fighters. i don't think players would like having rng decide if they lose or win a game. removing her hex and just giving her...
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    Unholy Host rebalance.

    it is broken simply put 2-7% regen before heavy healings 2% which is fairly common is broken at a total 9% max healing per second. splitting image is already strong enough at just a meager base 2% unholy can easily get triple or more of that value and in a stronger and far less counterable...
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    Monthly Prize Fight Tier List

    i agree the sun of a beach modifier is kinda boring and too much immunity overload. (and the bleed debuff punishing players could stand to either be buffed or something as i never notice it in all honesty maybe tack on something additionally) wish it also gave something else to defenders the spf...
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    Brainstorming changes to some PAs!

    if it was possible to code so the full evasion lasts only while moving backwards and disappears moment she moves forwards maybe also shorten it to 1.5 or 1 or even .75 seconds maybe but that'd be alot of work just to make a unique gimmick for one fighter. thats why i was thinking making it just...
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    Brainstorming changes to some PAs!

    filia one won't be balanced unless the permanent evasion is like 1 or 2 stacks that go away after dodging a hit like snakebites signature. i think peacock could definitely use an update to her prestige for sure. i honestly don't even notice peacocks prestiges because of how hard it is to gain...
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    Bug - Normal Vaporwave Vixen Fukua Gaining miasma and thorns stacks whilst being attacked successfuly

    I was using a Snakebite Beowulf and facing a Vaporwave Fukua during a prize fight battle. the vaporwave was gaining miasma and thorns stacks even whilst being grab-locked by my snakebites wulfshoots and hypemode grabs. after I've won this fight i asked several of the players in channel 100 about...
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    Pls buff Tidal Traveler

    it makes absolutely no sense why she even has armor break an offensive skill tied to what is supposed to be a defensive immunity water fighter. it feels like her signature is all over the place in terms of thematic and identity. she should definitely be gaining regen or heavy regen at the...
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    You guys went a bit too far with Death Wish umbrella

    agreed in general cerebellas also need to be changed. too many sandbag units taking up space that simply don't exist. even both of the diamonds barely see any play. the best cerebella is basically harlequinn. honestly we need a patch focused just solely on reworking the underused fighters and...
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    bug djinn frizz and hex

    this bug has been around since forever.
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    You guys went a bit too far with Death Wish umbrella

    yes she's strong really strong. i think its also more of a case of the other umbrellas being disappointing. i've complained before about wunderkinds antisynergy in the chat before too. umbrellas mainly suffering from the eliza effect where alot of units have lackluster and none existents sa's. i...