• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Cellsai

    Goodbye, old account!

    Goodbye, old account!
  2. Cellsai

    OFFICIAL: Sync PvP at Combo Breaker 2019 and Beyond!

    Every card cost the head of one of her opponents. Fear Liz on the field of PvP.
  3. Cellsai

    help with authy

    If you're trying to get access to a lost Skullgirls Mobile account go here: https://skullgirlsmobile.com/contact/ We'll be able to help you out!
  4. Cellsai

    Story Master Difficulty!

    Theoretically perfect... if you can pull a Bronze Bio-Exorcist :P
  5. Cellsai

    Story Master Difficulty!

    https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1129554462815662081?s=19 Master Difficulty ain't playin.
  6. Cellsai

    Story Master Difficulty!

    https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1128839063249727489 It's finally happening!
  7. Cellsai

    OFFICIAL: Sync PvP at Combo Breaker 2019 and Beyond!

    The Halloween PF last year had Necrobreaker as the top 100 prize :) https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1053451794620137472
  8. Cellsai

    Diamond relics

    As Bones said up there, we know this is something folks are experiencing and it's being discussed. Can't give more information than that for the moment!
  9. Cellsai

    Bug - Normal Unexpected Death

    There's an Immoral Fiber on the enemy team. Did you kill them when you revived your character? Could their death SA have killed you? More detail on exactly what happened would be useful, like who was on the enemy team, debuffs you had at the time, remaining health, etc.
  10. Cellsai

    If y'all need any help this week, ping me! I'm all in on forum queries this week! :D

    If y'all need any help this week, ping me! I'm all in on forum queries this week! :D
  11. Cellsai

    OFFICIAL: 3.2.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Hot tip: Avoid using an Overclocked for those Master Daily Treasure nodes. Hoo booooy does the AI love to steal all my constantly charging barriers.
  12. Cellsai

    Need help

    Sorry you didn't get the specific diamond you were looking for. Unfortunately we can't guarantee the results of any relic opening - that's the nature of random relics. The contents of every Relic in Skullgirls is dictated entirely by the loot table for every Relic. To see the reward odds for...
  13. Cellsai

    Bug - Crash Please help me error

    This is a known bug. The simplest way to get past it is to uninstall the game, reinstall it and go through the tutorial again. If you're on an android device, make sure to clear your cache before reinstalling! Let us know if that worked!
  14. Cellsai

    Robo-fortune 2x odds

    We haven't set when the 2x Robo Fortune odds are going to end. All I can say is I would advise making use of it while it's there!
  15. Cellsai

    Other Beating Sparring Partners

    If achievements or something were ever added to SGM it could be a fun one... but I don't really see the point in an actual reward like this :P Just use Xeno and you don't have to do anything but block for 2 minutes!
  16. Cellsai

    Bug - Normal Did not receive all fighters for opened relics

    We're looking into this now. Thanks for the report!
  17. Cellsai

    Bug - Normal Still experiencing server-related issues

    You should hopefully be seeing less and less of these long loading screens and connection errors as time goes on.
  18. Cellsai

    Fights Longshot Bonus in Rift Battles

    Interesting idea! How would y'all see Longshots working? Would you: a) Just comparing FS scores between characters. (Lower FS score, higher Longshot bonus) b) Also include Catalysts in the calculations (node with no Cats, smaller longshot bonus) c) something completely different?
  19. Cellsai

    Fights Rift matchmaking is (almost) impossible for some players

    Thanks for the detailed feedback on your matchmaking. I'll bring it up with the team!
  20. Cellsai

    Fights Add Catalyst Diversity bonus to Rift

    What sort of Catalysts have you seen doubled up on players maps?