• [2018/06/22]
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    Characters Beowulf Throw Animation Glitch

    I don't think I did activate hype cause I tagged in with one hype charge, did the full combo and got the second hype charge then used the wulf shoot to get the third hype charge. Yeah, it is usually against fukua's that I get this bug but I did get it once against the summer salt in peacock...
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    Characters Beowulf Throw Animation Glitch

    So, I've been getting these Beowulf Throw glitches during PF. It is a really random glitch that rarely ever happens and I have only experienced it 4 times. I don't know what triggers this throw Animation Glitch but I do use throws alot for Coldstones and usually just keep throwing until it stuns...
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    Other Killjoy and plot twisted glitches/bugs

    Yeah, I had the same kill joy bug happen to me twice which always cost me my streak in pf. Idk why it happens but it might be because we were standing right on top of the enemy about to be revived but it doesn't always happen like that.
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    Other Rift Battle Changes

    Yeah, I have had the same thing happen to me where I dropped by 90 rift points because I went to bed. Having different server regions sounds like a really great idea but it depends on if Autumn Games are willing to get more servers to accommodate different regions. Your second option, however...