• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Izarck

    OFFICIAL: Daily Events & Upcoming Economy Updates

    Sincerely, now about your control approach to players i disagree and any feature that restricts gameplay has to be completely optional to the player
  2. Izarck

    OFFICIAL - 5.1 Update Notes - Umbrella's Full Release!

    Well these are my impressions about the daily events first of all the "tickets to skip" or "tickets to be able to play daily events" are obviously too few and this inevitably annoys the economy of the players. In my experience I play the gold difficulty at 100% with that we can just skip the...
  3. Izarck

    OFFICIAL - 5.1 Update Notes - Umbrella's Full Release!

    let's go to the feedback https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/no-more-limiters-eng-esp.18719/#post-55081
  4. Izarck

    Other NO MORE LIMITERS!!! (eng - esp)

    Tengo una pregunta (Tengo una pregunta) ¿Por qué limitan cada vez más a los jugadores? (¿Por qué limitan cada vez más a los jugadores?) Ahora limitan los eventos diarios no entiendo en mi opinion los boletos solo deberian ser para saltarse un nivel con la penalidad de no recibir exp y ya. Otra...
  5. Izarck


    Limits the player to a single mode for 3 days!. It is very boring, ruined the dynamism and gameplay of the PF.
  6. Izarck

    Bug - Normal Representation error in rewards

    In daily events and story no change strange see Why? tore freedom of gameplay from prize fights.
  7. Izarck

    Other We lost our freedom?

    The truth is that I meditate because the "Mutually Exclusive Prize Fight Difficulties" function causes me so much repudiation. Seeing this I feel like they spit in my face. Ripped the player's freedom and with that also his resources. Freedom to play as you wish. I understand that you...
  8. Izarck


    and the freedom to play our way
  9. Izarck

    Fights Better implementation of difficulty lock in prize fights.

    A simple option would be to reduce the duration of the prize fights to 2 days. Increased to 3 events per week
  10. Izarck

    Fights Better implementation of difficulty lock in prize fights.

    Another option would be for Diamond PF to have a level requirement enabled for veteran players and if they want to participate in blocking until the end
  11. Izarck


    at the cost of gold resources, points and keys that make Rift Battles unrealizable. especially the amount of variants that we can obtain. The raw material to increase rarity to variant. reaping character points will be impossible.
  12. Izarck


    I honestly love this game I love its art and how careful, it is in that aspect (the development of umbrella) its music, its chaotic story using the resource of inter-dimensional cracks with excellent mastery (the variants) the dynamism of its gameplay and its infinite potential and everything...
  13. Izarck

    Fights Rework Daily Events?

    Daily events? bored It still hurts me that they ruin the main attraction of the game. PF Let's be objective, daily events are boring or get boring at a certain point in the game. this is my suggestion. 1.- Enable a function that facilitates the completion of daily events to what we will call...
  14. Izarck

    Fights Better implementation of difficulty lock in prize fights.

    I think they completely ruined the prize fighting experience. :confused:
  15. Izarck

    Collection Set/Deck

    que tal esto https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/sets-mechanism.17339/
  16. Izarck

    Other Triggered

    It must also take into account the global economic recession due to covid
  17. Izarck

    Fights Better implementation of difficulty lock in prize fights.

    "Mutually Exclusive Prize Fight Difficulties" Honestly, this characteristic is very negative for all players and especially for those of medium level, affecting the obtaining of variants, points, gold and keys that make development in the game very difficult. I think this feature will put off...
  18. Izarck

    4.8 Update Notes (Live now!)

    that the lock function is only for diamond prize fights. more https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/better-implementation-of-difficulty-lock-in-prize-fights.17684/
  19. Izarck

    4.8 Update Notes (Live now!)

    All very well, but I see that this negative "Mutually Exclusive Prize Fight Difficulties" feature greatly delays the development of the player in the game. The best way to implement this idea is that once the prize fight is chosen on diamond difficulty, it will not change throughout the event...