• [2018/06/22]
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  1. SvenZ

    Robo Fortune = Brain Drains daughter?

    Robo Fortune is created by Braindrain. You can learn more about her backstory if you play Skullgirls 2nd Encore or read the wiki https://skullgirls.fandom.com/wiki/Robo-Fortune
  2. SvenZ

    Collection Convert into Shiny

    Love this idea!
  3. SvenZ

    Characters Painwheel - Raw Nerv [Rework]

    Thank you for the feedback! My reason for removing the Haste, is because with the change you can reach up to 5 stacks of Enrage, thus making her a very good hard hitter. Raw Nerv is a purely defense oriented character, and you have 0 reason to ever pick her up on Offense, so the buffs when...
  4. SvenZ

    Characters Painwheel - Firefly [Buff]

    At work, so again, will format this thread later. SA1 - While blocking, gain 2/3/4% HEALTH per second. Effects are doubled while benefiting from ENRAGE. SA2 - Also gain 2/3/4% BLOCKBUSTER METER per second. Effects are doubled while benefiting from ENRAGE...
  5. SvenZ

    Characters Painwheel - Raw Nerv [Rework]

    I'll format this suggestion later. SA1 - Gain permanent ENRAGE for every 40/35/30% HEALTH lost. A stack of ENRAGE is lost when knocked down. SA2 - Gain Unflinching UNFLINCHING and FINAL STAND for 5/10/15 seconds when your HEALTH drops below 15% SA1 works with regenerated health, so she can...
  6. SvenZ

    Fights Reworking suggestion of “Poor Moves”

    Was thinking of making a thread like this myself, and will do so in the future, but I definitely like some of these. I feel like Butt Slam is a very underestimated move. It's easy to trick the AI to get a guarenteed hit, and it's pretty much your safest tool to get near the opponent. It does...
  7. SvenZ

    Other Suggestions for the game

    I both agree and disagree with you. I agree with the following: Players who have grinded in the game enough should absolutely be rewarded. And by grind I'm referring to both acquiring characters, leveling them up and getting good at using them. I disagree with this however: New players...
  8. SvenZ

    Characters Marie - Snake Charmer [ Buff ]

    Thanks for the review! How do you advise I reword the description? On a lot of characters which gain a permanent attribute that can be lost, it's worded the same way.
  9. SvenZ

    Characters Marie - Snake Charmer [ Buff ]

    Whanged her SA2 to the following: - When INCINERATING a dead body, grant permanent 1/2/3 ENRAGE to all allies. - When REVIVING an ally, grant permanent 1/2/3 ARMOR to all allies. - A stack of ARMOR and ENRAGE are lost when knocked down. Her SA2 was already a glorified version of her...
  10. SvenZ

    Other Request for Voiceovers in More Languages for Skullgirls

    I'd definitely enjoy that. I'm not a Spanish speaker, but given how big the Spanish speaking community is, it should be the prioritized language
  11. SvenZ

    SG Custom Fighters

    Nice, that's really spot on
  12. SvenZ

    SG Custom Fighters

    Idk if that Dahlia is a reference to anything, but the palette is real clean
  13. SvenZ

    Characters Another Parasite Weave [Remake]

    Same. It's even sadder that she's a pf reward 😔
  14. SvenZ

    Characters Another Parasite Weave [Remake]

    I'm not saying you don't, but it's only 1 instance where Filia(as a whole) gets a source of healing. If we go by that logic, every single Filia with SAs that apply Bleed would need to be remade, since the majority of her abilities apply Bleed already. After her rework, her Marquee 2 did suffer...
  15. SvenZ

    Characters Another Parasite Weave [Remake]

    She can only replenish her health if she chooses the Leech marquee. The SA regen gives you the option to pick her 2nd Marquee as you already have health recovery covered.
  16. SvenZ

    Characters Another Parasite Weave [Remake]

    Not the most original idea, I know. But, barely any Filia gains Enrage. A lot may look at the health regen and say it's wasted because of her Leech marquee. Albeit true, this does give you an option of going for "The First Cut" instead
  17. SvenZ

    Characters Parasite Weave rework suggestion

    Really nice! I think the Miasma should be stronger. Like, have it be a consistent 5, and gain a stack of Miasma for each debuff removed. Also have each newly applied SLIME while the opponent is at 5 stacks, to also refresh the duration of all Miasma stacks. I feel like sticking too much to the...
  18. SvenZ

    Characters Another Parasite Weave [Remake]

    I wanted to throw my own suggestion to the mix. Everybody is well aware that Weave is currently quite weak due to the following reasons: NEW Signature Ability 1 Critical Hits have a 15/20/25% chance to grant ENRAGE for 5 seconds. NEW Signature Ability 2 While benefiting from...
  19. SvenZ

    Characters Reworking suggestion of Parasite Weave (2nd)

    The stun is fine, but how you apply it is the problem, and the 10 sec window between each stun. You often stun someone during a combo, and by the time the combo ends, the stun duration has already ran out. Her SA2 on the other hand is just garbage. Super low proc chance and under very tight...
  20. SvenZ

    Characters Dahlia - Dame Slayer [ Rework ]

    Old Once per match on 4 consecutive REALODS with six SHOTS remaining, inflict DOOM for 30/25/20 seconds and cause the opponent to instantly loose 20/35/50% BLOCKBUSTER METER. DOOM is removed if Black Dahlia TAGS OUT or is defeated New Once per match on 4 consecutive REALODS with six...