• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Starsmore

    OFFICIAL: 4.0.2 Update Notes (Available now!)

    Well, with this update I've disinstalled the app, too much new things (not needed) and the ones that was waiting for a fix (rift, for example) are still broken. Let's say that also the inconsistence of fighters that I get from the relics just made it (a bad Star Spangled from a diamond relics...
  2. Starsmore

    OFFICIAL: 4.0.2 Update Notes (Available now!)

    Mine too, i specifically gave some fighters disable and/or cripple resist, on them tag in cooldown is totally useless. And Robo daily was today, if I knew this before i would have saved a couple of moves with better stats that would have been way better that some moves I have equipped, now I...
  3. Starsmore


    Another new diamond from the second wave, video here.
  4. Starsmore

    Wind Stalker

    Another new diamond coming with the next update, the video is here. The palette, catchprase and name of the variant are a reference to Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers.
  5. Starsmore

    Très Chic

    A new diamond that's coming with the next unpdate, here's the video presentation. Seems like she inflicts debuffs on the right part of the stage and gains buffs on the left side.
  6. Starsmore

    Neuromancer Painwheel

    Too much overpowered, meter from blocking hits should be reduced at least 50%, damage inflicted to the other members maybe even more.
  7. Starsmore

    Other Rift Attacker Diversity

    Sketchy is the one that need it since is a bronze fighter and can be purchased for only 30000 canopy coins, i will limit her only to one fight, not two. Or if the opponent that abused Sketchy is winning only for her help, the node (or nodes) shouldn't be counted as finished or give 0 points. The...
  8. Starsmore

    Bug - Normal Assassin's Greed + Last words bug?

    The resurrection isn't like the Last hope one, where you can trap her in a blockbuster and continue to deal damage and even kill her a second time with the same move. When they die with that catalyst they resurrect with the debuffs removed (like Bio-Exorcist) and invicible frames, it also happen...
  9. Starsmore

    "SNAKE BITE" Beowulf - Strategy and Discussion

    I like it and also the reference, I'm more interested to know if there will be a special prize fight/relic for these new fighters or they will be obtained normally, since i've fifthy premier relics, one silver, one gold and one diamon to open yet.
  10. Starsmore

    Master difficulty story mode

    Bad hairy day to bleed them to death, Silent Kill with ICU for unlimited regen against Dread Locks and Assassins Greed, Cerebella is only a third wheel, Toad Warriors is nice for quick blockbuster, Brain Freeze for resistance to damage. Any Valentine with trauma center as a support for Bad hairy...
  11. Starsmore

    Master difficulty story mode

    I was going to win this a couple of time but the opponent Weekend Warriors activated his special abilities two times, the first the moment he tagged in, the second when he dropped under 50% hp.
  12. Starsmore

    Bug - Normal Rift notification doesn't appear

    Actually you don't even made an update to made to bug appear, it started a while after the last one. Anyway this week I have got other problems related to rift, for example unable to use any blockbuster in a fight (I tapped on the icon but nothing happened, any of my fighters was unable to use...
  13. Starsmore

    Bug - Normal Rift notification doesn't appear

    So.. still here. I just get the opponent found notification when there were only 15 minutes left in the fight, very useful eh?
  14. Starsmore

    Fights AI builds blockbuster faster

    We also forgot to mention that maybe you're facing opponents with a lot of meter gain in their moves stats, for example I have a Silent Kill with 45%, doing a simple combo, launcher and jiggle with her is enough to fill the meter of Countervenom and Checkmate incision, if she gets hit less than...
  15. Starsmore

    Fights AI builds blockbuster faster

    You get more meter when you get hit, so if you keep attack is easier for the opponent to fill the blockbusters faster.
  16. Starsmore

    Stats modification discussion

    I don't like the generic resistance to all the debuffs, this way every fighter can became a little Private Dick, Private Dick will became even more powerful, many Double' variant or fighter like Dread Locks and Love Crafted will get nerfed a lot. Me too. For example I gave some fighters...
  17. Starsmore

    OFFICIAL: 3.4.2 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Seems like the Sketchy nerf is not enough for rift since i still have diamond 1 fighter (and i'm still gold 2) that uses 4 aganist my defense. You should do like some Magic the gathering tournament rules, limit that fighter variant for only 1 fight in rift. And maybe give her back the old...
  18. Starsmore

    Bug - Normal Daily reward

    It resets every month and today is the first of October so it restarted from day one again. By the way, the login is a daily thing, so if you put the app on background and play for three days without closing it you will receive the reward only the day you started the game.
  19. Starsmore

    Bug - Normal Rift notification doesn't appear

    In the last two weeks it happened for almost every fight, I don't get the in game notification when the system find an opponent and also don't appear the notifications when theare are only thirty minutes left or the rift battle is finshed. A couple of time those notification pop-up fifteen...
  20. Starsmore

    Fights The (main) problem with Rift Battle mode

    Exactly, Diva against Scratching Post is good, just give her hp and defense, two Sekhmet blockbuster will do the rest (when you use one, you already filled the meter of the other, call him back, use the second, repeat, it the enemy is getting too much armor just use chaos banish). Silent Kill...