• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Te'ijal

    OFFICIAL: 2.7.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    The grey boxes mean they won't be changed, sorry if this is sarcasm. It's the internet, I can't tell from your voice, you know?
  2. Te'ijal

    A level 43 scrub whose best fighter is a HR? Yes, that's me.

    A level 43 scrub whose best fighter is a HR? Yes, that's me.
  3. Te'ijal

    OFFICIAL: 2.7.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    That Inkling buff tho In all seriousness, these changes will very much so help the state of the game and viability of certain characters. I look forward to the new Silvers as well, and I'm extremely excited about The Cabinet of Curiosities. I'll be sure to tune in for more information on Rift...
  4. Te'ijal

    "HEAVY REIGN" - Strategy and Discussion

    Heavy Reign is most definitely a better choice than some other options (cough cough Sheltered cough cough), but isn't the best option. I like to use her with Pea Shooter to watch Inferno Brigade melt healthbars. The only real problem with her SA is That's All Folks!, but that can be negated with...
  5. Te'ijal

    "PEA SHOOTER" - Strategy and Discussion

    Using Pea Shooter can even work with a Double in my experience, because the beginning of Gun Blades and Beast of Gehenna (for blockbusters) and Bogus Buzzard and Luger Replica all benefit from Pea Shooter's SA. Solid fighter overall.