• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Greyner

    OFFICIAL - Update Notes - Umbrella's Release!

    Thanks a lot and let me wish you many happy returns of the day! When guilds will be added in the game?😁
  2. Greyner

    OFFICIAL: An Update on Cheaters/ Hackers

    Current PF Spring Cleaning 15.04.2022
  3. Greyner

    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    Taken August 24(25) at ~00:00 UTC/GMT +3
  4. Greyner


    Thank you so much! This improvements looks delicious😍 Really waiting forward updates!
  5. Greyner

    Bug - Crash Strange music in game

    UPD! It's already solved for unknown reason.
  6. Greyner

    Bug - Crash Strange music in game

    After ~30 seconds after the app is run a strange music starts to play. It interrupt to play after the app is closed. In folded state music keep playing. I check all other folded apps and there is no running music. I can send you a screen record on mail if it needed.
  7. Greyner

    Bug - Normal Some graphic and chat bugs

    New Double have incorrect desсription of the first ability on russian And her name get out of the frame a little bit Incorrect symbol of required key for diamond, gold and silver characters (drawn bronze key) Not correct description in frame. It should be like "Алмазный замок. Используйте...
  8. Greyner

    Bug - Normal Some interactions & localization bugs

    Another one bug I met 1. Enter accursed experiments with not much time for clearing all bases 2. Beat every base except top base 3. At the last few seconds try to enter into fight (you will be abandoned) 4. Then try one more time to enter onto this event and you will be at the top base(and can...
  9. Greyner

    Bug - Normal Some interactions & localization bugs

    In Russian version there is bleeding in the description but in real fight filia inflicts heavy bleeding
  10. Greyner

    Bug - Normal Some interactions & localization bugs

    And another 2 bugs I meeted in SG 1. In accursed experiments, base with two Parasoul and Eliza (modifiers inflicts heavy bleeding, hex and cripple) After defeating one of the enemy's characters if you stand near to enemy's body debuffs doesn't removed. 2. Same problem also in prize fights when...
  11. Greyner

    Bug - Normal Some interactions & localization bugs

    1. In prize fight(for 14th feb) I have a fight vs team with Double Rainbow Blight. I trying to beat it with Xenomorph. I activate the ability of Xenomorph(inflict doom) onto rainbow blight. At the last seconds of timer of doom rainbow blight use Nightmare Legion and knockout my xenomorph, but...