• [2018/06/22]
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  1. cappatacus

    "SHADOW PUPPET" - Strategy and Discussion

    SHADOW PUPPET Rarity: Diamond Signature Ability (speculative): CHAOS CONTROL SA1: Upon death, revive and stop time until Fukua hits the opponent. SA2: Also gain 5 stacks of MIASMA. My Thoughts: Holy hell. This is...terrifying. And so creative. Imagine this on defense! A guaranteed hit...
  2. cappatacus

    Characters Diversity In Skullgirls

    I've been meaning to write something about this for a while now, but I wanted to address the overall lack of diversity within the game. I'm not talking about official skin color of characters, since that wasn't decided by the devs of this game and overall isn't terrible. More so, I mean the...
  3. cappatacus

    "SOULS SISTER" Fukua - Strategy and Discussion

    SOULS SISTER Element: Fire Rarity: Silver SA (speculative): AMINA MAGNETISM HITS grant X% METER while far from the opponent. Also gain ENRAGE on HIT while far from the opponent. MOVES Love Dart - SM Lobs of Love - SM Swarm Embrace - BB THOUGHTS: I'm mildly worried that the...
  4. cappatacus

    Fights Option To Disable Rapid Transit Stage

    I keep the graphics fairly low when playing for better performance, but even so, this stage always causes lag for me, which is upsetting when you reach it in a high streak. Maybe along with the options to enhance performance in the settings menu, an option to disable this stage could be added as...
  5. cappatacus

    Costume Party 2019

    Just wanted to see where everyone is on milestone progress. With it being Halloween yesterday, I haven't gotten through as much as I've liked. Currently, I'm standing around 58 million. I've found SG to be a life saver in this PF due to regular immunity, and especially using bleed-fighters who...
  6. cappatacus

    Resolved Account Transfer

    Not sure if this is the right section to ask this but here we are. In transferring my data from one device to another, I linked my email with google (thinking that's what I had done before). I didn't check beforehand that I had actually linked it with the email setting, so now I have a new...
  7. cappatacus

    Fights Interrupted Death Crawl

    I'm not sure if this has been brought up before, but it's been an issue for a long time now that I haven't got around to addressing. Whenever the AI goes to trip (which I take as an opening) and I then launch into Death Crawl, 9 times out of 10 the trip will land and interrupt the BB. I haven't...
  8. cappatacus

    Elemental Prize Fight Top 10

    Has anyone here gotten top 10 in one of these, and if so, what was your total score?
  9. cappatacus

    Collection Selling Catalysts

    I thought I found the perfect modifier for my dream team of a Triple Valentine Boss Node, one of those gold Invincible Armadas. In the middle of upgrading it, I hit a wrong button and ended up selling it. No "are you sure?" button that I can remember. That sucker cost me 400 (400!) Rift Coins...
  10. cappatacus

    Ultimate Beginner's Guide

    As a near-max level player, I've been kicking myself recently for some of the mistakes I made early on in the game. I made this so others don't make the same mistakes as I did. Notice the title says Ultimate - it won't be "ultimate" with the input of one person. If there's something important...
  11. cappatacus

    Overrated Fighters

    Is there any fighters you find other people love and you don't understand? Post them here and tell us why! I personally don't have a long list; just a few that I genuinely don't understand. First off is Cerebella in general - don't get me wrong, I like her! But I feel like for a long while...
  12. cappatacus

    How To Use Tympani Drive?

    Is this one of those things where it can only practically be used when used in a combo with another move? I really haven't had luck with it, but all my moves for Big Band suck besides this one and I want something good for my Heavy Metal. I saw another post saying it combos after SSJ, but I'll...
  13. cappatacus

    Bug - Normal Gold and Silver Relics not showing up

    I earned a gold relic and a silver relic from opening an 11 pack, and even after restarting the game they haven't shown up. Is this a normal issue or just me? My user is still cappatacus
  14. cappatacus

    Toad Warrior Discussion

    Another new silver that I'm late to pull...fun. Anyways, I'm happy to have her because of the good things I've heard, but then I thought about her SA a little more. Yes, it's good, but thinking in the realm of Rift Bosses and high-streak-diamond-bloodbaths, is she worth it to build to gold? Or...
  15. cappatacus

    Season's Greetings Cut Offs

    Took some time off and ended up at 76 million. Just curious what everyone else is standing at to see if I'm good for at least top 30%, I need that diamond key lol
  16. cappatacus

    Fights Ms Fortune's AI is cool but also the bane of my existence

    By this point, I've come to understand that Ms Fortune is at her most aggravating when her head is behind you. It's a cool mechanic honestly, especially as I've come to use it better. But do I use it as well as the AI? No. It's hard to keep Ms Fortune from using Head Games, which would be the...
  17. cappatacus

    Heavy Metal

    Pulled this bad boy today Kind of excited, but also, is it actually worth it to build him? For as many resources as it would take, all I'll get as far as offense is 50% bonus to BBs (even when maxed) and some armour. Another split-purpose water type. The colour palette is nice and all, but...
  18. cappatacus

    Fights Rage of the Dragon

    When using Squigly's BB3, the combo counter displays 111-120 hits, depending on whether or not a Dragon Charge is consumed. This would naturally be great for a Brain Freeze because lots of hits=a little damage. On the flip side, this should be bad for an Untouchable since she would only evade...
  19. cappatacus

    Thoughts On Tomb and Gloom?

    Finally pulled Tomb And Gloom today. I haven't seen much discussion about her, so I was wondering what sort of experiences people have had using her. She seems like a decent enough defender, especially with prize fights using the Hemofilia modifier and the current Rift Battle Boss modifier. I...
  20. cappatacus

    Collection So Many Bios

    I've gotten four Bio Exorcists in the last month. I've maybe pulled two other gold fighters. Is there a way to maybe reduce the odds of getting a certain fighter once you've already gotten it (say, four times,) from a relic? I think people have brought up similar complaints, and suggested a...