• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Parabellum

    Bug - Crash Critical Transfer Issue

    Apparently I am unable to update to 1.6.1, (I have 1.6.0) and create a new login for the switch to 2.0, the app is no longer available on the store. I am using an iPhone 6s. These are the images I see in order when opening Skullgirls.
  2. Parabellum

    Collection Make Daily Events 3-6-9

    As I become more experienced, I find that I focus only on completing the advanced and expert Daily Events as bronze moves become inferior to the higher tiers. Also as I gain better fighters, the need for gold to upgrade them increases exponentially. My suggestion is to revamp gold values in a...
  3. Parabellum

    Fights Show what streak we're on

    I think it would be extremely helpful to know what your current streak is before you enter a team into the prize fights. I'm guilty many times now of coming back to the game after a few hours and entering one of my lower level, non-upgraded teams just to find out I really didn't lose the last...
  4. Parabellum

    Is it worth upgrading Valentine's ground combo?

    I'm enjoying Silent Kill Valentine a lot right now but there's one thing I've been really holding off, which is upgrading her tap combo. It's great because it adds two more fairly strong hits but the final hit always knocks the opponent back, killing my chances of following up with an air combo...
  5. Parabellum

    Bug - Normal Blockbuster hangs with status effects

    This has happened on two characters that I've been using, Silent Kill Valentine and especially Beat Box Big Band. When I use BB3, the move will freeze and wait until either the negative status effects on the opponent, like stun, or the positive status effects on myself, like enrage, have...