• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Kyothu

    Bug - Normal Dead spot on event fight

    I have a note 8, my screen is not broken; but after the update, every time I tried to touch the next fight after completed one fight in the filia event fight, it refused to move or load. I can go to the main menu, but can't move to the next fight, unless I force closed, and load the game again...
  2. Kyothu

    Resolved All my characters cards are black

    All of my move cards are black, all character cards are black. I tried resetting my phone, and game but doesn't help. Can somebody help me? I can't upload the screenshot, I have tried contacting the team on Facebook. I do not want to reinstall the game as I'm currently at over 5 millions on...
  3. Kyothu

    Bug - Normal Log in issue again

    After updating to 2.0.2, I managed to log in for a day. And 21 hours later, tried to log in to get my daily rewards, the apps kept saying cant log in, please try again. Error code: 5.dse.1 I have spent a lot of time, and money supporting the new game after you guys moved from Line. Please let...