• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Barney

    Bug - Normal Epic Sax's signature ability triggers on 9 and 10 combo.

    I was playing as Epic Sax Big Band against a Big Top Cerebella when I noticed that performing a grab (granting a 9 combo) would trigger his signature ability and give me a random buff. After sweeping to make a 10 combo (which is what it should trigger at) I would receive another buff. I reached...
  2. Barney

    Bug - Normal Taking damage during invincibility

    Yesterday I was playing as a 1.7k Big Top Cerebella against a 6k+ Epic Sax Big Band. I was at around 80% health when he used his BB3, Strike up the Band. I "died", going back to 50% health with invincibility and unflinching but then properly died again a moment later while the BB3 was still in...
  3. Barney

    Characters Keeping last-known filter active + favourites

    A simple suggestion: When you use filters on the character select screen it should remain active and not reset each time you come back to it. Being able to favourite or label fights would also be nice.
  4. Barney

    Does your team FS affect XP gain?

    I know PF points are You+Enemy×Multiplier but I've often wondered if intentionally using weaker characters against an enemy team with a higher FS changes anything (for story and daily where the enemy numbers don't change). Should I be picking harder fights or using a powered-up character to...