• [2018/06/22]
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  1. moisterrific

    Predictions on upcoming new gold fighters

    Four new gold fighters have been confirmed to be coming our way, I believe this gives me enough information to try and figure out a recurring pattern or two. I can use these patters to try and predict the rest of the new golds that have yet to be revealed. Star-Crossed Parasoul based on Annie...
  2. moisterrific

    Resolved Cheaters in Prize Fights

    A very weak team of barely upgraded silvers managed to beat my team? Highly suspicious! Meanwhile other well-equipped teams with nearly maxed golds loses. It is impossible by any legal means for a team like that to fight my team and not time out - let alone win. (Since my Armed Forces has max...
  3. moisterrific

    Fights Make team affecting signature abilities stack

    It would be more fun if every fighter who has a signature ability that affects all teammates stacked just like how two Pea Shooters can stack their projectile damage bonus if you have 2 on the team. It would allow for a more interesting meta to exist. Imagine how fun it would be if having 2...
  4. moisterrific

    Other Bring back the beta main menu theme as an option

    I like the music theme from beta way better than the current one, and many other players agree too. It would be nice to bring back this theme as an option we can choose from inside the in-game settings. Listen for yourself to see the difference: Beta: Current:
  5. moisterrific

    Moisteriffic's Complete Tier List (2.0)

    Characters and fighters are ranked in order of the best (top) to worst (bottom). There are also 4 letter rating systems: S, A, B, and C. Tier 1: Big Band Character ability: S Forward dash: S Backward dash: C Jab: S Throw: A Combo potential: S Meter gain: A ATK: B HP: S Epic Sax (S) Private...
  6. moisterrific

    Characters Buff Scribble Cat spawn rate like in PC

    I heard in the PC version of the game you can use Cerebella’s taunt to increase the appearance rate of Scibble Cat when using Lock N Load from 0.2% to 25% Pls make it happen in mobile too.
  7. moisterrific

    SGM Main Menu OST from beta?

    Where can I download it? I liked it better than the current one. Update: I managed to upload the beta theme but the quality isn't great. If anyone knows where I can get the actual file in high bitrate that would be much appreciated.
  8. moisterrific

    Super Finishers

    Post your best ones here
  9. moisterrific

    Complete List of Prize Fight Modifiers

    Uncategorized: Beowulf: Medici: Big Band: Cerebella: Double: Eliza: Filia: Painwheel: Parasoul: Peacock: Valentine:
  10. moisterrific

    Moisterrific's Double Tier List

    Character ability: TRANSMUTATION After BLOCKING without being hit for 1 second, Double will switch to a new element When at an ELEMENTAL ADVANTAGE, Double’s damage increases by 10% When at an ELEMENTAL DISADVANTAGE, opponent damage decreases by 10% Tier 1: Rainbow Blight Rarity: gold...
  11. moisterrific

    The next character CONFIRMED! (Not clickbait)

    SQUIGLY CONFIRMED BABY! In that thread, MightyZug (the game director guy) listed the order of new characters to be added in 2018. But is it just a random order that means nothing or does it actually drop a hint at their actual release schedule? We can see right below the point for new...
  12. moisterrific

    Bug - Normal What happened to the Skullgirls logo on the forums?

    Seeing this on the desktop version too, pls fix
  13. moisterrific

    Post your stats

    Post the best stats you’ve got so far for your top fighters and moves with lucky stat combinations I’ll get us started with some of mine
  14. moisterrific

    Advanced Stats Guide (1.6.0)

    ATK # - increases your ATK stat by a fixed value, useful for most bronze fighters and a few silver ones. Pretty much useless for gold fighters. ATK % - increases your ATK stat by a percentage. More effective when you have a higher base ATK value. Let's say you have a base ATK stat 3,000 , ATK...
  15. moisterrific

    Why does this game hate Valentine so much?

    Valentine is objectively the worst character in the game right now. Her character ability sucks, her special moves sucks, her damage output sucks, most of her variants sucks, and she doesn’t even have any good combos other than the 2x Countervenom combo. But other than that she’s useless in...
  16. moisterrific

    Moisterrific's Complete Tier List (1.5.0)

    Characters and fighters are ranked in order of the best to worst Fighter tiers S - the most reliable fighters with maximum strengths and minimal weaknesses A - reliable fighters with slightly more strengths than weaknesses B - somewhat reliable fighters with a good balance between strengths and...
  17. moisterrific

    Complete Fighter Tier List (1.4.1)

    S-tier Epic Sax Wulfsbane Primed Diva Intervention Harlequin Parasite Weave Untouchable A-tier Private Dick Armed Forces Bloodbath Bad Ms Frosty Raw Nerv Buzzkill Blood Drive No Egrets Pea Shooter Silent Kill Weekend Warrior Number One Beat Box Headstrong Scarlet Viper B-tier Bloody...
  18. moisterrific

    What palettes and signature abilities do you hope to see for future fighters?

    Fire Air Water Light Dark Neutral Filia Currently in-game: 1 - Bad Hair Day (bronze) 3 - Frayed Ends (bronze) 6 - Windswept (gold) 7 - Hair Apparent (silver) 15 - Bad Ms Frosty (silver) 16 - Sparring Partner (silver) 22 - Parasite Weave (gold) 23 - Dread Locks (gold) Cerebella Currently...
  19. moisterrific

    Other Post the scores after each PF before a rank indicator is implemented

    It would be nice to have a rank indicator to know which event reward bracket we're currently at. And the devs have acknowledged this in the past and confirmed they'll work on this feature. But I understand this will be hard to make and probably won't be implemented for long time. So in the...
  20. moisterrific

    Characters Buff weaker fighters to make them more fun and useful

    Fighter Name (Signature ability name) Current signature ability part 1 Current signature ability part 2 Suggested change to current signature ability part 1 Suggested change to current signature ability part 2 Bad Hair Day (Razor shears) 5% chance on HIT to inflict BLEED for 7 seconds 10%...