• [2018/06/22]
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  1. rexturtle1120

    Worst move in the game?

    Worst move in the game?
  2. rexturtle1120

    Fights Suggestion - Survival Fights

    Just so you know, I’d still like an idea like this.
  3. rexturtle1120

    Other More Missions + slight tweaks

    Hey hey! I still haven’t forgotten about this! We need s’more missions. New missions doesn’t mean more theonite in the SGM economy, but that would be nice too!
  4. rexturtle1120

    Fights Armour Vs. Invincibility

    I wonder if this is still true? Neat little “secret”. But I guess the name armor break is supposed to break all forms of armor, thorns maybe? I think Armor break is starting to become kinda “rare”, as far as SAs and new blockbusters go.
  5. rexturtle1120

    SG Custom Fighters

    Hello! For some reason these palettes have a bit of a restaurant theme, but what’s wrong with that? The custom card creator is finally working for me so look forward to that too! “Where’s the beef??” Third degree burn SA1: Inflict tagin block and armor break for 15 seconds every time the...
  6. rexturtle1120

    SG Custom Fighters

    They’re both nice but the second one looks reeeaallly good against the cosmic background. Kudos to you!
  7. rexturtle1120

    When can switch acc

    ? Could you clarify what acc is?
  8. rexturtle1120

    SG Custom Fighters

    Very nice! I like the green bigband and Beowulf ones. Green is my favorite color, so taht probably has something to do with it. Here’s to many more custom palettes!
  9. rexturtle1120

    SG Custom Fighters

    Thank you, glad to find another fan. Once I beat monkey island, I’ll make some of those. I really enjoy the adventure game genre, it’s both simple and complex. And weird, very weird.
  10. rexturtle1120

    SG Custom Fighters

    Hello! Finally the forums are fixed, thanks will! So now I can bring you s’more custom palette goodness. Demon Chief “Swimming anyone?” Round of applause SA1: Every 30 seconds all cerebella’s blockbusters are filled 30% and special moves refreshed. SA2: Blocked...
  11. rexturtle1120

    Resolved Forum issue

    Haven’t finished my post yet but I can attach pictures again, so I’d say problem solved! You are a saint, thank you.
  12. rexturtle1120

    Which character death saddened you the most?

    I felt bad for valintine when her old team died. I’d say spoilers, but it’s right in her charecter introduction so if you didn’t know before, oh well.
  13. rexturtle1120

    SG Custom Fighters

    Ahhh! Spooky. I like the idea of changing the opponents element, haven’t seen anything like that before. I can see a double fighter using that in the future.
  14. rexturtle1120

    Would you rather it be CRAZY??

    Would you rather it be CRAZY??
  15. rexturtle1120

    Resolved Forum issue

    I’ve got this problem too! I can only hope they fix it soon, I haven’t been able to post any more custom fighters! Kinda sucks.
  16. rexturtle1120

    Check out the new player guides and facs section of the forums! For help in chat, go to Channel...

    Check out the new player guides and facs section of the forums! For help in chat, go to Channel 100! It’s a fairly simple game once you get the hang of it, regardless have fun!
  17. rexturtle1120

    Your catalyst/modifiers ideas w/ a contest I guess.

    Only gonna do six as to not clog up this newly born post. Puffed up “After BURSTING an oncoming enemy, gain 1 stack of enrage. All enrage is removed if the enemy bursts you” Pretty simple, I thought of what might correlate to puffing up, and this I thought of the burst. More of a modifier...
  18. rexturtle1120

    "Model Leader" - Strategy & Discussion

    Gahhh I hate her! But in a good way. If you come across her and don’t bring curse she can be a huge pain, you don’t even want to think of trying to launch her. Not to mention the block guard is permanent! However I did pull her from my 1000 shard Diamond relic, so I guess she’s not so bad. I...
  19. rexturtle1120

    How old is Annie really?

    She’s physically 15 but is she mentally 15? Is she stuck with a Child’s mindset? Of course people mature over the years but can Annie do that? For example even if a 5 year old lived 1000 years, if they still had a five year old mindset then they would still take everything literally Amelia...
  20. rexturtle1120

    I think a better robofortune modifer would be “gain regen every 5 seconds for 15 seconds, at...

    I think a better robofortune modifer would be “gain regen every 5 seconds for 15 seconds, at five stacks of regen suffer inverse polarity for 15 seconds.” The current one for Diamond just doesn’t seem as dangerous, Annie’s did power surge better.