• [2018/06/22]
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    4.8 Update Notes (Live now!)

    Generally a fan of the changes, though I have more mixed opinions about the prize fights being exclusive. I acknowledge that it'll be helpful for letting new players get silver and gold fighters more easily, but it makes it less important to have bronze and silver fighters upgraded, now they'll...
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    Being able to more specifically pursue specific fighters would be awesome. Ideally I'd like a way to craft them out of spare fighters of the same type and rarity, but even just controlling the RNG to some degree would be great. As an end game player, I often let my premiere relics just sit...
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    OFFICIAL: 3.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    I'm not a fan of the changes to rift rating. It was already really hard to get diamond keys, and this makes it even harder. Adding diamond fragments to the gold reward tiers isn't that exciting since I already can't upgrade my natural diamonds to their full use anyways
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    Characters Flagging Fighters

    I think it would be a nice idea to be able to apply a "flag" onto a particular fighter to mark them in some way. The thing that made me think of this is leveling up bronzes for their skill points before feeding them to my new golds to get their xp started. I had to carefully double check my...
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    The update is just AWFUL ...

    I'm also on an iphone 5, 10.3.2 . For me, the primary crash times are when I load my character list, which is annoying but not debilitating. I launch the game again and lose 30 seconds. However, I've become afraid to use beowulf or parasoul once I get a winstreak going, because the confetti...
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    Fights Merry go Rilla

    Can we please make it so that the AI doesn't use it the very frame the fight starts, or at least put the starting distance at a different range? A 1 second delay on the AI using special moves after the battle starts would fix this. I've had 2 fights today where I've gotten a good winstreak...