• [2018/06/22]
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    4.10.2 Update Notes (Now Live!)

    I think Dream Demon’s SA1 requires too much time to set up. Not to mention her attack is just okay. I understand if her SA2 is combined with straight brute force, the character can be broken. Still, 15 seconds of waiting to use the homage to Akuma is a bit of a letdown.
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    4.10.2 Update Notes (Now Live!)

    Please consider to change Wind Stalker to “activates death mark, disable tag in, and doom IF opponent health is below 35%” instead of “WHEN” below 35%? Her current SA2 will not activate when she enters the field to face the enemy already below 35% health. Not very useful IMO
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    Très Chic

    I feel if the MA depends on which side of the field TC stays on, then any defensive buff won't make a big difference because AI has no context when controlling. Hence I think why not just make her a good wielder of Inverse Polarity. The sync would be amazing! Which defensive buff do you think...
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    Très Chic

    I wanna suggest a buff to Très Chic. Besides Death Mark, Bleed, and Armor Break, incorporate Inverse Polarity or Heal Block when she is at opponent's half of the field. That would make her one great killer! Inverse polarity would really work in her case.
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    "DJINN FRIZZ" - Strategy and Discussion

    Currently, I employ Drillationship with Djinn (Drillationship, Trichobezoar, Gregor Samson, Widow's Peak, Blowout). This aims to utilize Drillationsihp's ability to dodge and intercept enemy to 1) interrupt enemy attack and 2) activate Djinn's BB in time to capitalize the...
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    "DJINN FRIZZ" - Strategy and Discussion

    no one has love for Drillationship. :*(
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    OFFICIAL: 4.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Neuromancer is no more... Now I’m not sure about upgrading NM
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    Halloween PF

    Is Dream Catcher any good ? Her precision doesn’t seem to create any particular sync to me. In addition, I really wish her first SA not excluding dark fighters. Is it there just to create something dramatic? Q~Q
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    Catalyst Discussion

    Ok, who thought Armor Rating (10% chance to gain 11 secs of Armor and void the damage) will fix the Rift stress issue ?
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    Which marquee ability is better for Double?

    Why does Rainbow synergize particularly well with Chaos? I thought she also wants to transmutate as frequent as possible to benefit from her SAs ?
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    List of Marquee Abilities

    I am confused about a few points you mentioned: 1) Why giving Rainbow Chaos let her become a very consistent counter-fighter for "non-dark" fighters? Why can't she counter dark fighters? 2) Which "two options" are offered to counter non-dark fighters? 3) Why does Sheltered let you keep Rainbow...
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    List of Marquee Abilities

    For Double in high streak ... I am particularly interested in (confused about) Rainbow and Jaw. Some say Double can always go with Chaos, but it seems like a waste on Rainbow & Jaw, whose special takes advantage of transmutation. What is your opinion? Also, please comment on "how much weaker"...
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    "ULTRAVIOLENT" - Strategy and Discussion

    All hail the Warden! Is she worthy of a 100% stun resist build?
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    I have a suggestion.

    My suggestion would be to be able to upgrade/forge keys into higher level keys.
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    Natural Diamonds discussion thread

    Heavy Handed seems like a strange design to me, her SAs: SA1: Gain ENRAGE every 0.3/0.2/0.1 seconds while charging a CHARGE ATTACK. ENRAGE is removed after the next HIT SA2: While reaching 5 stacks of ENRAGE, gain UNFLINCHING for 5/7/10 seconds. UNFLINCHING is removed after the next HIT seem...
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    List of Marquee Abilities

    Which maraquee is suitable for Class Cut Filia?
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    OFFICIAL: Skullgirls Mobile Community Tier List! (2.7.2 UPDATE)

    Wow I invested all resources into HnS and maxed her but she's considered 3rd tier in attack!? Facepalm.... That's a lot of points...
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    OFFICIAL: Skullgirls Mobile Community Tier List! (2.7.2 UPDATE)

    Hi, I interested in the reasons for Bloodbath to be ranked higher than Diva Eliza. To me, Diva seems to be able to dish out a lot of damage while keep enemy BBs locked out. On the other hand, the duration of Bloodbath's 5 sec bleed seems too short. Plus it does not respond to heavy or perma bleed.