• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Eray


    Yes, prestige ability can increase figther score a bit
  2. Eray

    Bug - Normal Game freeze a lot after the update

    I was experiencing the same issue and making a clean install solved the problem for me.
  3. Eray


    Since the Haste she gains is permanent she won't lose it when she tagging out. So her dark teammates can utilize her damage boost.
  4. Eray

    Other Troubles with my comeback to the game

    You need to create a ticket for this. Go to https://skullgirlsmobile.com/contact/ and send your message there. Devs will take care of your problem.
  5. Eray

    They already have! Mark your good moves as favorite by tapping hearth icon when you viewing move...

    They already have! Mark your good moves as favorite by tapping hearth icon when you viewing move stats and they'll protected against being sold mistakenly.
  6. Eray

    Other Private Dick SA2

    Resistance has no effect on match modifiers, it only counters opponent abilities such as signature abilities, marquees, prestige abilities or debuffs inflicted through special moves/blockbusters.
  7. Eray

    Resolved I kept checking my phone and the chat is still down.

    Is it activated on the settings menu?
  8. Eray

    Bug - Normal Death Wish SA2 activates regardles perma precision (Solved)

    Both of Filia's BB3 moves ends with a throw hit, so can't get a presion kill. There is an exception though, if you use Blowout in the corner and opponent dies with wall hit it's still possible to do that.
  9. Eray

    Bug - Normal Armed forces bugg

    Her signature ability updated on lastest patch. She can now give back her debuffs. Signature Ability 1 10% chance when either Fighter is HIT to gain ARMOR and UNFLINCHING for 5/7/10 seconds each. Signature Ability 2 When Cerebella gains a BUFF, 50/75/100% chance to transfer 1 DEBUFF...
  10. Eray

    Rift catalyst Doom debuff activating improperly

    That's because "Infected Flesh" modifier which is the boss node modifier at light weeks. Using immunity is the best way to avoid being doomed.
  11. Eray

    One canopy

    Replaying expert level story nodes gives 181 coins. I think this is the only way to even the number.
  12. Eray

    Egret dive bug? Or am I just bad?

    It's a known bug, we just need to wait for a fix. By the way it doesn't block wulf shot normally.
  13. Eray

    Resolved Bug of Evolution

    Evolution fodders must be same tier as the fighter you want to evolve.
  14. Eray

    You need to activate it by tapping character portrait once it's charged up.

    You need to activate it by tapping character portrait once it's charged up.
  15. Eray

    Fun Moments

    Purrminator has precision on her SA. She can take down Dread Locks with a few theonite beam shots.
  16. Eray

    accuracy's question

    Accuracy only affects proc chance of fighter signature abilities. Special moves, blockbusters, marquee or prestige abilities aren't affected by accuracy. But accuracy also negates opponent resistance. So if you want to debuff the opponent and if they have high resistance you might want to equip...
  17. Eray

    Other Please add an easier way to change accounts

    Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this currently. But as far as know it's in the devs' to-do list. Hopefully they'll add this someday.
  18. Eray

    Resolved Stuck on “SYNCNG DOWNLOADS…”

    I'm having this issue too and I remember about 2 years ago I've experienced the same problem right after a new update was dropped. Back in that time updating my OS to a new version solved this. I don't recommend doing this if you're on IOS but on Android you can try a new or old OS version.
  19. Eray

    Lubs of love glitch? or maybe its normal.

    Passive abilities of special moves/blockbusters unlock at level 3. Maybe you haven't upgraded those moves yet?
  20. Eray


    1 water, 1 fire and 1 air essence is required for neutral fighters.