• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Krazete

    Custom Sprites for the Palette Editor

    I figured out a method of making palette files (sprites readable by the Palette Editor) from normal sprites a while ago, around the time Annie was announced. It's about time I make use of that process. The Palette File Pipeline 1. Choose a raw image. 2. From the raw image, create the linework...
  2. Krazete

    Fights Show moves before the fight begins.

    Moves should appear and should be queue-able before SHOWTIME! (like Fight Assist). I want to start off with a Merry-Go-Rilla just like the AI can.
  3. Krazete

    Characters Immoral Fiber should be as unforgiving as Blue Screen.

    An enemy Blue Screen can win by dying. An enemy Dreadlocks can win by dying. An enemy Overclocked can win by dying. An enemy Painwheel with Tainted Blood can win by dying. An enemy with Thorns can win by dying. An enemy Immoral Fiber cannot win by dying. Idk about Wildcard. [Death Exhibition]...
  4. Krazete

    Fights Middle Marker

    Add an indicator for where the middle of the stage is. Mostly for the Gold Fukua Prize Fight. And Très Chic.
  5. Krazete

    Bug - Normal Sundae School's SA doesn't stack anymore.

    (Screenshot taken in 4.2.0. All fighters on my team have their SAs maxed out.) Sundae School's SA used to stack. Bloodbath used to be able to inflict 16-second bleeds (and gain 4-second regens, which also seems bugged in the screenshot). I was gonna diamond one so I could take advantage of a...
  6. Krazete

    Other Batch Gifting

    Add a "Claim All" button and a "Send All" button for gifts in the Social Hub.
  7. Krazete

    Fights Dead HP

    Change the color of the HP bar in the event of delayed death (e.g. while comboing Bluescreen to death or before the cinematic finish of a BB3).
  8. Krazete

    Collection Filter Moves by Stats

    Selling unwanted moves would be much quicker and planning movesets would be much easier if we could filter moves by their substats.
  9. Krazete

    Bug - Normal Can't view Profiles from the Rift lobby.

    I can no longer tap on the portrait of my enemy in a Rift Battle lobby to view their profile. Since the removal of this feature wasn't mentioned in the 4.0.0 patch notes, I assume this wasn't intentional. Please add it back in. Seeing my opponent's substats proved to be pivotal sometimes.
  10. Krazete

    Fights Keep screen on during fights.

    I'm using Fight Assist more often now, but my phone goes to sleep after a minute of inactivity. It's a bit annoying waking my phone back up to see the Pause window instead of the Victory/Defeat window, and I don't want to change my phone's settings just this for one game. Could you make it so...
  11. Krazete

    Bug - Normal [Softlock] Ms. Fortune vs Assassin's Greed

    I saw this video in the Facebook Group which mentioned a bug at the 38 second mark: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SkullgirlsMobile/permalink/324414821574945/ Here's the trimmed clip if the link above is inaccessible: https://i.imgur.com/M6AZFpS.mp4 The problem occurs if a 1% health Ms...
  12. Krazete

    Collection Catalyst Sale Safety

    If a catalyst is equipped on your Rift Map, it shouldn't be sellable. It'll prevent more user errors like this, and it'll be more consistent with the way your current team's fighters can't be sacrificed until swapped out.
  13. Krazete

    Fights Pause Menu should show Support Abilities

    It can get pretty confusing and aggravating when the enemy keeps getting Final Stands and you don't know what's causing it or how to prevent it. I think it'd be nice if the abilities that affect teammates showed up on the pause menu.
  14. Krazete

    Bug - Normal Noise-Cancelled Brass Knuckles Knockback

    In a recent High Tide Prize Fight, my opponent's Resonant Evil (opRE) began the match by dashing forward and using Brass Knuckles. My Resonant Evil (myRE) noise cancelled that, which stunned opRE. myRE began punishing opRE with the basic ground combo, but right before opRE's stun ended, myRE got...
  15. Krazete

    Sketchy on Both Sides

    If my team and my opponent's team both have a Sketchy with fully unlocked SAs, what happens on tag in? Will my fighters get immunity or curse on tag in? Is it the same for the opponent? Is there a general rule about the order of SA application when SAs conflict like this?
  16. Krazete

    Fights Size of Fortune's Head Controls

    The character ability buttons for Ms. Fortune (and Robo-Fortune soon) are a bit small, especially for people with tiny screens or fat fingers. It'd be nice if the controls were larger, or if there was an option to change it to some less-condensed UI.
  17. Krazete

    Characters Bad Ms. Frosty

    The lack of a period after "Ms" in Filia's "Bad Ms Frosty" card bothers me more than it should. Here's her card, alongside Ms. Fortune's "Ms. Trial" card for comparison.
  18. Krazete

    Bug - Normal Stand Out's SA2

    When I was battling against a Stand Out with my Bloodbath, I used a blockbuster twice and noticed both times that it left my Bloodbath with bleed. Based on Stand Out's description, I expected Bloodbath to get bleed, convert that to regen, and then Stand Out would remove that regen and leave me...
  19. Krazete

    Resolved Squigly stopped Eliza's BB3

    I activated Eliza's Lady of Slaughter right after the opponent's Squigly activated Inferno of Leviathan. The projectile hit Sekhmet from behind and cancelled the BB3. I kept holding block before and after pressing the BB3 because I wasn't sure if my BB3 actually activated (Squigly's Inferno...
  20. Krazete

    Fights Timeout Override

    It's great that Blockbuster IIIs override timeouts, but it'd be nice if this rule were applied to all moves and attacks. I recently played the Big Band daily event and in the final node, I landed the finishing blow a split second after time was up (with Filia's Drill Tempered blockbuster) and...