• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Thatonevalentineuser

    Something to make summons more unpredictable

    It would be really cool if there was a Fake out animation when obtaining characters for example Random Unit that is Bronze or Silver appears then in comes the Gold and Dia doing they're force tag out Animation.
  2. Thatonevalentineuser

    Should I wait till 4.5

    Since Annie is coming soon and My Diamond relic Needs 7% more to be ready should I not open any relics in 4.4 and wait till shes available on All relics so that I have a chance to pull her?
  3. Thatonevalentineuser

    Bug - Normal Menu buttons showing up in Battle?

    So what happened before it led to this is it showed me a pop up telling me I had to pay 10 theo for energy which was weird cause my fukua had enough for one more round the Loading screen came on pop up still up I put no next thing I know this happens not really harmful bug again
  4. Thatonevalentineuser

    Bug - Normal Accolades Info won't go away

    During this whole match the Accolades pop up won't go away not even after finishing the match and it blocked access to CoC This may not be to Harmful to the player but still wanted to post it
  5. Thatonevalentineuser

    How to increase my Chances of blocking perfectly

    Just got Feathered Edges since her SA has to do with perfectly blocking is there any strategies out there that can help me with this character Thank you
  6. Thatonevalentineuser

    Bug - Normal My Parasoul Got stunned but she kept moving

    Parasol Daily Used egret dive opponent fell for it opponent hit me to we both got stunned opponent was the only one who was affected I was still able to move and ended up winning idk what caused this It just happened
  7. Thatonevalentineuser

    Bug - Normal My Parasoul Got stunned but she kept moving

    So basically I was doing Parasouls daily I used egret dive the Ms Fortune got stunned And so did I cause she did her sweep I get back up stunned but I was still able to attack her and win idk what caused this it just happened
  8. Thatonevalentineuser

    That one moment when a dev Appears out of nowhere

    Totally Not expecting a Dev to Pop out of Nowhere when saying that
  9. Thatonevalentineuser

    Other Can You somehow make specefic channels

    Cause i want to Have channels Were you can Give Information to help people also Have Friendly Conversations Also To Share your stats With people and Also You should Make Your Censoring Better Cause people can easily bypass The Filter Which Disgusts Me Cause they Say Lots Of Disgusting Stuff Also...
  10. Thatonevalentineuser

    Other Prize Fight Who else got to the 4 million and 50.000 mark and didnt get the gold Figther???

    Usually while playing Prize Fights if i get to the 4 million i get to 10% but this time not is it because of all these hackers who easily win anyone's team or is it because the amount changed to get to 10%
  11. Thatonevalentineuser

    Prize Fight Rewards?

    Is it true that the prize fight rewards for Bronze.Silver and gold are always the same
  12. Thatonevalentineuser

    Not compitable problem

    Dear Dev Ive got a problem on my LG X power before the game was compatible but now after the uptade it wasnt compatible anymore can you plz fix it cause this is one of my favorite games on my phone thanks Sincerely Thatonevalentineuser.
  13. Thatonevalentineuser

    Other Not compitable problem

    Before the new uptade my phone was compitable with the app but now it says its not this makes me feel bad that was my favorite game i had gold elizia and some silvers and to know my hard work was for nothing plz Make the game compitable again Sincerely Thatonevalentine