• [2018/06/22]
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  1. J

    OFFICIAL: 4.4.1 Update Notes (Now Available!)

    This is nice, thank you team. More concerning to me are the bugs that are truly game-breaking / entirely removing the ability to compete in rifts or to generally enjoy the game. 2 massive bugs not yet addressed: 1. Zero score in rift battles for "remaining health" - receiving 0 points in rift...
  2. J

    Bug - Normal Annie bugs

    Hi Bones - IGH is Jotunn Not sure what my Public ID is but will try DM you the SK user ID
  3. J

    Bug - Normal Annie bugs

    Hi team, phone is iPhone XS Max
  4. J

    Bug - Normal Annie bugs

    Hi team, Since Annie update: 1. My fighters no longer show XP gains after fights - xp bars look empty. They level up as if they received XP, but energy is not refilled on level up. If I restart game, energy is refilled for fighters that levelled up 2. No more 1,000 separators in canopy coins...
  5. J

    OFFICIAL: Issues with Rift Battle Season Rewards (July 6th - 12th)

    Hi Skullgirls team, Sad days here with a lot of effort, time, red tickets etc going into getting a good rift rank, only for a whole host of people to get free legend rewards again for absolutely nothing. I got my correct rewards, which is fine, but it is very unfair that people are receiving...
  6. J

    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    Are these people ever actually banned and are their actions reversed? If not, it means I have to go do extra fights in rift just to make up for cheaters who aren’t being punished
  7. J

    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    Cheaters in rifts - guy keeps attacking my base with higher and higher scores. Most recent score is 13,914 - close to perfect, always beats my 22k meow with a 4,900 squig
  8. J

    Hoarding Relics for Fukua!

    I've been hoarding but started later than Lililira or Dusty. Current hoard: 3 each element 1 Legendary 1 Jackpot 20 Gold move 23 premier (with a 10+1 in there) 12 Daily 60 take a break 4 silver 3 gold 1 diamond 2200 Theo and keeping 2 diamond keys, and 3 of each essence (except air) in case of a...