• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal Cannot install 4.8

    No idea if I'm posting this in the right section but I can't update my game. Upon starting it, it shows me info about the update with the button redirecting me to the Play Store. However there is no update available there. I reinstalled the game but the issue has prevailed.
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    Is Biting Cold worth investing in?

    I just got Biting Cold from the 100 million Firework Show milestone. Is she worth investing into? How are her stats compared to other gold Painwheels? Is her SA actually good?
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    Neuromancer combo

    What is a good combo for Neuro to perform while the opponent is blocking so that you get the whole BB3 charged? I just got her and tried using G3 + Gae Bolga Stinger + G3 but I often get punished after using GBS.
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    Characters Painwheel's Character Ability

    Isn't Painwheel's CA a bit useless? I can't really think of any reliable use for it and I don't even remember about it most of the time while playing her. In comparison to e.g. Eliza's or Beowulf's CAs it's just abysmal. Shouldn't it get a rework or something? So that players can actually use it...