• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Irghen

    Other We lost our freedom?

    I disagree, I think this was a tremendously beneficial change in the long run and will do nothing but improve the health of the game.
  2. Irghen

    Staple moves for each fighter

    Great idea for a thread, tons of ideas and now I have to rethink some loadouts. Thanks for making me cry I guess. Some ideas: Valentine How about Vial A? I use it on my Silent Kill for meter control, combo extensions are cool too. Also on SK I went for EKG Flatliner for her since it's...
  3. Irghen

    Wait? Really? Oh come on I was so excited. :( what a let down

    Wait? Really? Oh come on I was so excited. :( what a let down
  4. Irghen

    Move Slot Capacity

    Keeping moves for use on different characters is a recipe for disaster. What happens if soemeone attacks my rift while I take out a critical move to use on a fight? That's just the same as throwing right? Or worse, I get into a critical fight with 0 moves equipped... I just close the game and...
  5. Irghen

    como conseguir puntos de reacción

    ¿A cuales te refieres?
  6. Irghen

    4.5.3 Update Notes (NOW AVAILABLE!)

    If you're enjoying the game then you're enjoying the game and I'm not about to tell anyone they are playing a videogame wrong. Specially since my way can result in some phone-through-the-wall frustration at times. In the end it comes down to whatever goals you set up for yourself because, let's...
  7. Irghen

    4.5.3 Update Notes (NOW AVAILABLE!)

    Mainly because I'm kind of dumb and didn't think about her >< But yeah she could be great and already has a pet. OTOH if i were to recomend a pallette it would be Rylai and her doggo. How? How do you guys open so many relics? I understand how you can get them but for the love of Gaben I have...
  8. Irghen

    4.5.3 Update Notes (NOW AVAILABLE!)

    To be honest, Riot has a terrible track record with this stuff. If I recall correctly they've been accused to stealing real people's likeness at least twice. This is not made better when you consider their whole roster was picked up from Dota / Warcaft 3.
  9. Irghen

    4.5.3 Update Notes (NOW AVAILABLE!)

    I know I'm a petty person, but I would have gone for a reference to Annie's Dota 2 counterpart: Lone Druid. I'm actually sad to see the pallette being gone, even though I'm not a LoL player her design is very cool.
  10. Irghen

    Halloween 2020 - Costume Party Prize Fight

    Or just another G. I. Jazz that makes you question your life choices. Nah it's ok actually. I finally got an Overclocked from my 2nd spooky relic so I've been leveling her like crazy. I wanna hit lvl 30 during the event.
  11. Irghen

    Which Origin are you looking forward to the most?

    I just want some other farming spot besides Peacock's final battle. Also, and this is something of a complaint on the entire story mode: Can we get some hard fights designed for high level diamonds instead of making me level a useless duplicate silver that's just going to gather dust until the...
  12. Irghen

    Halloween 2020 - Costume Party Prize Fight

    OMG it's already been a year? My necro should be completely maxed out by now but I guess I'll use the PF as an excuse to grind with her.
  13. Irghen

    Toughest Accolades: 50 Hits

    Thanks for the heads up, I feel a bit dirty, but that was some prime cheese.
  14. Irghen

    Need Advice on Diamonds?

    Thanks a lot for the input guys, I made a little home movie for you: Pretty happy with her so far, she's a bit of a glass cannon, but there's no stopping her when she gets going. Not to mention I can now farm Story Mode which is a big plus. I was still hoping for one of the big hitters in...
  15. Irghen

    Need Advice on Diamonds?

    @Pit Frango You won't regret her, she's easily my best unit. So, I was hoping for an Overclocked or an Assassins Creed, but instead I got some duplicates and I don't really have the heart to just turn them into Essences yet. Here's my roster so far (also, an X-Bot and a Mummy Dearest...
  16. Irghen

    Annie Color Palette Ideas

    Seasons Frosting (Pinkie Pie & Gummy - My Little Pony) I took the colors from this beautiful Kotobukiya doll sitting in my bookshelf and her pet crocodile from the show. If this gets picked up I could finally run an all MLP team: Seasons Frostings, Blue Screen & Summer Sault (I know, I know...
  17. Irghen

    Toughest Accolades: 50 Hits

    100% is insane I'm also at 7/10 on the combos, I'll try to record them so I can finish them. I'll post them here as soon as I have the time.
  18. Irghen

    Characters Can we have a variant suggestion sticky?

    You mean this thread? I agree that it should be stickied somewhere.
  19. Irghen

    Card pose's question

    That's amazing! Is there any way to acquire the DAC anymore? I suspected that and tried to replicate it in training mode using the 10%speed option but when I tried to air block the cpu it would trigger the block instantly and couldn't find it.
  20. Irghen

    Card pose's question

    I edited my post to add the card images for reference. Maybe they are from frames unused in the mobile version? I tried using the Mizuumi wiki to find it but, so far I've had no luck.