• [2018/06/22]
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  1. tom641

    Been away, what'd I miss?

    Real simple but, I took an extended break and the last I paid attention to this game was when Beowulf was incoming. I can already see some things now that i'm starting to play a bit again but can I have a quick run down of the major things I missed out on anyway?
  2. tom641

    Fights Make time outs award wins based on health left

    The standard game (and every fighting game in existence) currently works where whoever has more health remaining when time runs out wins the fight, but currently in Skullgirls Mobile a timeout is just an automatic loss for the player. There's no reason for this to be, and almost all time out...
  3. tom641

    Bug - Normal Game soft locks on really close time out

    In the Peacock gold Prize Fight, I was doing Cerebella's Merry-Go-Rilla right as time ran out and it did enough damage to kill the last enemy fighter, Cerebella did her time-out loss animation and the game never progressed past that point. I also still had it count as a loss even though i'd...
  4. tom641

    Bug - Crash Occasional Filia Crash after using Hairball/Spindash special

    Occasionally my game crashes after I finish hitting with Filia's spindash special move. Bad Ms. Frosty Filia is the one it's happened to for me mutiple times. It just happened in the Gold Valentine Prize Fight, but it may have happened in other modes. Droid Maxx running version 4.4.4...
  5. tom641

    Is there any chance of seeing Double in this game?

    In the main game Double is essentially "Unused moves: The Character" but most of her moveset, even the parts that weren't originally used by the associated character, have been given back to the original owners so far in the Mobile game. Parasoul's Luger Cerebella's Hornet Bomber Peacock's...
  6. tom641

    New BB3 datamined

    Analysis of the app's files show that the devs left a mostly-functional BB3 that currently can't appear on AI characters or from move relics. As to why it's not in the game, it's hard to tell. Right now it appears that it was deemed too weak to be a BB3 and might be re-added in the next patch...
  7. tom641

    Bug - Normal Silent Kill Valentine bug in Special Events

    In the Valentine special events, the special modifier is that the enemy has a permanant Regen effect. However Silent Kill Valentine gets a Heavy Regen (Urgent Care? Not sure if it has another name) effect close to death. However in this mode the Heavy regen also never ran out, making the fight...
  8. tom641

    Bug - Crash Peacock Crash when using George's Day after tap combo

    Twice now I just did Peacock's normal 5 hit combo and immediately did George's Day Out (the slow walking bomb) and both times the game crashed. PS: my opponents in Prize Fights thank you :) Edit: I'm using a Droid Maxx that's fully updated.
  9. tom641

    Fights Timeout needs to go to the higher HP%

    As it is now the computer is programmed to aggressively try to timer scam you at all times, while you can't afford to switch out bar for elemental advantages because you need to constantly be racing the clock to KO everyone on the enemy team while they just need to stall, swap out, and use as...