• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Bones

    Bug - Normal Nunca carga la tienda

    Are you attempting to make a purchase and it's not going through? Or is the store just not loading. Will you share a picture or video of what you're seeing please?
  2. Bones

    Bug - Normal Character freeze during blockbuster

    Please share the specific device you're using when this happens. Are there particular blockbusters that cause the issue more so than others? Have you attempted to reinstall the game to see if that resolves it?
  3. Bones

    Bug - Normal ошибка в чате

    Are you having any other connection issues when this occurs? Does the issue resolve after you restart the game? Unfortunately these chat issues are often a result of some network error which can be difficult to diagnose. We're regularly optimizing our backend so hopefully these issues with...
  4. Bones

    Bug - Normal Cheater in rift battles

    Please add any suspected cheaters to this thread https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/cheater-hacker-reporting.2943/
  5. Bones

    Bug - Normal Instant ko

    Are you able to get video of this happening? I can't recall anyone reporting this before. Have you experienced any connection issues while doing Versus mode? Only other thing I can think of is that you're getting disconnected.
  6. Bones

    Bug - Normal Piercing stat decreases armor break damage bonus

    Thanks for the report, I'll have my team investigate.
  7. Bones

    Resolved This guy using mod to play more easily at this game

    Thanks for the heads up, we'll investigate.
  8. Bones

    Bug - Normal Robo-fortune Blockbuster "Assault Battery" visual error

    Got it thanks. If it appears elsewhere in game then I suspect it's the same issue I posted above. We'll get it fixed for a future update.
  9. Bones

    Bug - Normal Robo-fortune Blockbuster "Assault Battery" visual error

    Have you attempted to reinstall to see if that fixes it? We have had reports of players seeing colored pixels on their screen and it appears to be device specific. We've been able to reproduce it and should have a fix in a future update. I can say for certain if you are having the same issue...
  10. Bones

    Resolved Potential Hacker? (Non-PF)

    Thanks for the heads up we'll look into it!
  11. Bones

    Bug - Crash Game crash and unexpected exit

    Can you record of video of what you're seeing?
  12. Bones

    Bug - Normal 首发古物箱消失bug

    If you believe you are missing items that were rewarded to you, please contact our customer service using skullgirlsmobile.com/contact so they can investigate.
  13. Bones

    Bug - Normal Sin acceso a juego

    We were having some server issues on Sunday that should now be resolved.
  14. Bones

    Bug - Normal Erro no acesso da disputa!

    Is this still occurring? We had some server issues the other day but they should be resolved.
  15. Bones

    [Help] Old player finding his account

    please make a ticket at skullgirlsmobile.com/contact and our customer service team can support you
  16. Bones

    Bug - Crash Game crash and unexpected exit

    Is there a specific sequence of moves you're doing when using Annie or Rainbow Blight when the game crashes? We've had reports in the past of the game crashing when there's too much to display on screen, but this usually only effects lower end devices. Have you tried adjusting the graphics in...
  17. Bones

    Bug - Crash Game Crashed in the middle of a fight.

    Unfortunately, though we've made improvements to streak protection, there is still a chance the game may crash unexpectedly. Keep in mind, iOS has safeguards to protect the device if an application is using up too much processing power. I recommend being mindful of anything that may be running...
  18. Bones

    Bug - Normal Hacker Reporting

    Please use this thread for reporting suspected hackers https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/cheater-hacker-reporting.2943/
  19. Bones

    Bug - Normal Unresponsive Character

    There was an old bug on Android devices that I think may have come back. It relates to parts of the screen being unresponsive when returning to the game from the background. Essentially, the game doesn't rotate from vertical to horizontal, even though it looks like it's displaying correctly...
  20. Bones

    Bug - Normal Cannot Connect to Medici Fight

    If this happens again please let me know. It's likely due to the server issues we had on Sunday. Hopefully the next time the fight roles around you'll be able to enter. Sorry for the inconvenience!