• [2018/06/22]
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  1. 500TheoniteSeriously

    Bug - Normal I won

    I was in the middle of a fight, still more than a minute left in the timer, the opponent had 2 fighters left (even tho they were at kind of low hp) And in a moment i suddenly won, the opponent dashed behind me, did her timeout animation and i won: (The UV is mine.)
  2. 500TheoniteSeriously

    Does a missed Napalm Shot's tear count as an active one?

    I'm asking if after missing a Napalm Shot (it fails to hit and waddles away behind the opponent) that tear would count as an active one for any of Parasoul's Marquees or for her changed BB3 (Inferno Brigade).
  3. 500TheoniteSeriously

    Do SAs stack?

    For example, would having 3 Gray Matters in 1 team make them all start with 100% meter (due to the SA of each of them: 50% meter to self, 25% to each teammate)? Or, in the case of MAs, would having 3 Peacocks with maxed Cast Party give them 100% to have unblockable tag ins?
  4. 500TheoniteSeriously

    Collection Convert essences from one element to another

    By essences i mean shards, but perhaps also being able to convert full essences. Do you think it would be a good idea to implement something like this? I think in my case yes, because i have 5 air full essences i don't think i'll ever use, while i'm really in need for dark ones (from which i...
  5. 500TheoniteSeriously

    Bug - Normal Long load...

    I feel like the game takes much longer than before for everything: from logging in, to purchasing stuff, even loading fights/teams/nodes. I suppose this makes sense now that a lot of new content is out (and obviously, pvp must be hard for the servers to deal with), but i just hope things can go...
  6. 500TheoniteSeriously

    Other Fighter order suggestion

    Problem: This is how team comps look like before choosing an opponent team in a prize fight, both your team and your opponents's are facing to the right. But: Your team's order flips and the opponent's (tho it doesn't flip) looks kind of weird now that the way they are facing has flipped...
  7. 500TheoniteSeriously

    How to perform the painwheel grab?

    Basically, what commands does one use for that air grab she can do with her CA? (When you are already hovering in the air, what is the next thing you have to do to do said grab?)
  8. 500TheoniteSeriously

    Bug - Normal Immortal-clocked???

    My Overclocked Robo-Fortune just survived Squigly's daily's DOOM through BARRIER, i guess... Is that supposed to happen? My team was her and a Robocopy :/ All i did was use Catastrophe Cannon Omega and then salvo (headdrone's mini-missiles) as i had them queud before the BB3 was over, and the...
  9. 500TheoniteSeriously

    Playing on multiple devices with a single account?

    Is playing on multiple devices with a single account without having to log in each time the device is switched possible?
  10. 500TheoniteSeriously

    Robo-Fortune 95-ish hit combo

    Requires: -Circuit Breaker -Fidget Spin -Headdrones (don't know how many, the combo has worked with 1, 2 or 3 headdrones, but against different characters) Combo: D1 -> L5 -> Salvo (headdrones mini-missiles) -> Circuit Breaker -> D1 -> L3 -> Launcher ((at this point the missiles will be...