• [2018/06/22]
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bad hair day

  1. InsomnioStd

    "The first cut" Marquee is counterproductive after a full perma-bleed stack...

    So, when I was testing for the first time my maxed skill tree and marquee Filia - Bad hair Day (I maxed out "the first cut" right after unlocking), I realized that the perma-bleeds now would stack, having a limit of 5. My problem is that even after that, the marquee can still be triggered. The...
  2. Gamma Ray

    Bug - Normal Sundae School Negates Bloodletting - The First Cut

    When using Sundae School as a support character, it appears her SA is applies to the permanent bleed and it times out. As a result, Bad Hair Day Filia successfully applying the first cut gets negated by the SA. When the opponent tags out and then back in, the Permanent Bleed value is presented...