• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Kontol Kuda

    ROBOCOPY 2.0

    Not all reboots are worse than the originals! New in 4.3, when Robocopy takes fatal damage, he gains stacks of ARMOR and BARRIER! Robocopy is also more relentless than ever - every time he defeats an enemy he gains ENRAGE and METER! Hey, this is nice, even tho I still don't see...
  2. S

    Fights Big Band Daily Event

    I'm going to try my best to be as reasonable and as civil as possible here. The topic I'm about to discuss makes me want to scream my head off when I'm going through it but I know doing that wont get me anywhere. So, the Big Band Daily Event is... Annoying... Really annoying... The fight...
  3. Filikua

    Beating the Odds: Big Band's Origin Story

    Strange, I thought there'd be something like this on here already (since there's already one for Peacock). Anyway, what are your thoughts on this origin story? All I can say is that it's pretty good imo. Poor Ben, though. :'(
  4. Black Egret#13

    Bug - Normal What Brass Knuckles?

    I was playing Valentine in a prize fight. I decided to use checkmate incision, but the enemy big band used brass knuckles at the same time, and it didn't hurt me or even push me back. It's not like I had Unflinching, I didn't, and neither did he. iPad Pro.
  5. G

    Resolved My Big band was stuck dashing to the right

    so I was in the fight vs. Air Valentine and Air Big Band in River King Casino the fight went on fine but then Valentine switched out so i started jabbing to catch the switch in and some how the other Big Band got pushed out of bounds I then dashed and I got stuck in the dash animation. The game...