• [2018/06/22]
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  1. P90RUSHBee

    Fights The AI won’t give up holding block

    I know I can use throws to open it up but I’m just gonna see how long it will give up blocking and stick a jab And yeah.... I see a lot of these kind of ai in rift where they will break literally all my throws and holding the block until time runs out, this time I got it on tape
  2. TonyPartridge30

    Bug - Normal Block cancelling randomly

    iOS 11.4.1 iPhone 6s Game version 2.5.2 I was playing the Medici Crime Spree PF and noticed in a couple games that my block would cancel despite me maintaining two fingers on the screen. This happened when I was playing as Private Dick Big Band and another time playing as Rainbow Blight Double...
  3. O

    Noob Question

    Hey guys, I’m fairly new to the game and somehow missed the instructions on how to block in game. I’m using the mobile game and can’t seem to figure it out and I don’t see it posted anywhere. I appreciate the help!
  4. FreyRenoir

    Bug - Normal Big Band Bully - Charge attack issue and failing BB2 Fracture Reaper

    Hello everyone! I have encountered a bit of trouble while fighting ye olde detective big band. 1. While trying to block Big Bands charge attack it is unblockable while definitely declared not so. He hits me with various characters but only if the spacing is right. I usually stand pretty much...
  5. Itinerant

    Has the way to block when tagging in changed?

    I'm pretty sure before the latest patch I'd just hold two fingers down and my characters would come in blocking. Now it doesn't seem to work and my characters come in doing their attack, or just drop in if a team member was KOd. It's very frustrating, especially if I've been cornered. Has...
  6. V


    I'm still pretty relatively new to this game, but I play it often, and I don't know if this just me being pretty inexperienced with fighters in general or an actuall issue so this is more of a curiosity rather than a bug report. It seems like AI opponents can block attacks on a dime (I'm not...