• [2018/06/22]
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  1. StrongestAntiMETA

    Characters Dark Might needs Rework

    Dark Might's SA2 needs rework for him to be better in RIFT and PF. Especially now that we will have new Fukuas and that ShadowPuppet needs some hard counter, I mean she deserves insta-death. LOL From: TIER 3 BLOCKBUSTERS have a 15%/25%/35% chance to instantly defeat opponents if Beowulf has...
  2. Rudølf

    Variants To Be Buffed

    Hello, wuff pack! Am here to do a little poll if it's okay! x3 Some of Beowuff's variants need buffs. Is it just me who thinks that? Please don't say it's just me ;w;
  3. Dreaded Ghost

    Characters Dead Heat

    Dead Heat is not a fighter that's often used because of her risky SA. It's more of a struggle to get her SA 1to work because the players are risking themselves to take damage to force her SA to work in the match. My suggestions is to make her SA 1 to activate at below 50% health to make it...
  4. Diony

    Characters you think deserves a buff

    These are the characters that I like and I hope they're buffed in the future and this are some changes that i would like. What do you think? What are your suggestions? What do you want to change? Tell us in this thread Beowulf Number One SA1: Gain ENRAGE for 10/12/15 seconds on opponent TAG...
  5. Am_Suitcase

    An idea for buffing That's All Folks!

    That's All Folks is an interesting character. Formerly one of the exclusives back then. And sporting one of the most fitting palettes for a character I think some people do want her buffed, i'm not sure if these ideas came out already, but it's something I also thought and hope could make her...
  6. Y

    Characters Cerebella: Armed Forces - Improvements

    This Cerebella's move is garbage. It is currently have a 5% chance on hit to grant armor. The problem is that if you have a lower battle score compared to your opponent (as you often do in prize fights when you get to streak 10+) there is never any chance to use it because if you mess up...
  7. TonyPartridge30

    Bug - Normal Raw Nerve losing permanent Enrage

    iPhone 6s iOS 10.3.3 Game version 1.4.1 Noticed this for the first time. I was fighting a Harlequin 'Bella with my Raw Nerve Painwheel in the current Gold "Casket Match" Prize Fight. Somehow, after dropping below the HP threshold and gaining my permanent Enrage, I lost it. I used Painwheel's...