• [2018/06/22]
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  1. I

    Bug - Normal Daily Events bug

    Daily events bug
  2. Aaeroniero

    Bug - Normal Armed Forces hab bugged or wrong description

    Recently during the event prize fight, I played against Cerebella "Armed Forces", after defeating her, the other opponents got to use their reflect debuff ability. I used "Unholy Host", so I got reflected "Curse" myself when hitting or tagging
  3. K

    Bug - Normal prize fight bug

    the roses are red violence is due prize fight 2023 ended recently but i did not receive any prizes in the mail. i checked to see if it was still going on, but it had ended. i think i scored somewhere above 61%. idk if anyone else has gotten this bug or if its just me?
  4. P

    Bug - Normal I can't enter breach battle

    En estos dias no he podido entrar a la batalla de brecha (Incluso despues del mantenimiento) Todo comenzo cuando ya me enfrento a todos los oponentes entonces automaticamente despego y cada vez que presiona para entrar me hace que no haya oponentes
  5. S

    Resolved Posible hack

    Soy Blood Raggedy Captura tomada aproximadamente el 24 de julio aproximadamente a las 12 pm hora México El usuario Українська маршрутка derroto a mis personajes que sumaban aproximadamente 98.1k con sus personajes que apenas alcanzaban los 4928
  6. Jis None

    Other Bug?

    Oye!, tengo 12 oros y cuando voy a premios me dice que solo tengo 8 oros 😿