• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Ruseagull

    Fights 2 or more builds

    Sorry for my poor english (hello from Russia) PLEASE GIVE US OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE BUILD ON CHARACTER! I`m sick of losing rifts because I forgot to change atk build on def build on 20+ characters. It`s easy to forgot about someone, and it makes huge difference in rifts battles...
  2. Joanie

    Theorycraft: BB Cycle

    Teammates: Icy Hot, Heavy Reign (2). "I need a medic!" Concept: The idea is to barrage your opponents with Heavy Reign's BB moves (preferably Inferno Brigade) by cycling to Icy Hot as much as possible; building up your meters with TAG INs. You start out with Heavy Reign and then TAG IN Icy Hot...