• [2018/06/22]
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  1. O

    Bug - Normal Hacker on top 1 Prize Fights (Sorry not enough evidence)

    As title says, i'm really sorry if this violate the rules, because : - I don't have enough evidence which is, hacker's account name (previous was GGHEX, now just gone (probably he is changing the account's name)) - I don't know the time this happened, if only dev can see through database on...
  2. Tsukiakari

    Serious question: Can the dev really do something about the cheaters?

    I know that there's a sticky post to report cheaters, but that post has reach to 143 pages without any actions from the dev even though that post was made by Liam. The name of the cheaters repeat many times post after post but they still can do it without punishment. Honestly, if they cheated...
  3. Yomady

    Other Stop cheaters suggestion

    The title sounds funny, but actually thinking maybes you guys could put on a I.D number on the profiles that only you guys can search from the app. Bit like the I.D number in the settings only with it plopped on the profile, also it could stop childish antics with the name change feature...
  4. N

    Bug - Normal Dimension-Cheater

    Where i have to report, if i believe i cheater in Dimension-Mode found? Note: his Killjoy had no abilities or resurrection-attack, while my warriors have it all. All my nodes have strengthening. His result is abnormally high. Note 2: many of his high-point fighters have no abilities or...
  5. Mornedil

    Other We need action taken against the hackers

    There's an extremely large wave of people using modded APKs playing this game right now, and it's ruining rift battles. I'm matching with hackers on a daily basis. 2 out of 3 of this week's matches on my main account has been against a hacker. 2 out of 4 of this week's matches on my 2nd account...