• [2018/06/22]
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crash game

  1. C

    Bug - Normal After the update i have problem with the image

  2. xPoker_

    Bug - Crash Se cierra el juego ni bien entro

    Tengo un telefono samsung galaxy A71, al abrir el juego, o se pone en negro la pantalla o se cierra automaticamente. Sucede muy seguido.
  3. Gowther GSOL

    Bug - Normal Crash Game

    Today during the morning the game was normal, perfect, I disconnected a pair of hours and now, no matter what I do, the game doesn't open again.
  4. N

    Bug - Crash Game closed

    Every time I finish a battle no matter if I win or lose the game close also I got this weird bug here’s the prof
  5. P

    Bug - Crash Crash after fights, no xp, no chat.

    Since the last update 4.5.2 feb 5 2021, whenever I go into a fight it shows me weird points and each fight gives me infinite XP, causing the game to crash. When I reopen the game it gave my fighters no Xp. Also, I cannot access chat. help!
  6. V

    Bug - Crash Can't use Ms Fortune

    Since the last month I've been unable to use any Ms Fortune fighter; this leads to her model not appearing when selectin the character in the colection menu, when opening a relic with her inside goes directly to the icon menu and unable to proceed or go back from the pre-battle menu if any Ms...
  7. Jocemigue

    Bug - Crash Sudden closing of the game

    Sometimes the games in loadings screens just close or stop working
  8. N

    Bug - Normal Rift: Fight Blank Screened

    Everything was going just fine, but then the screen went blank. Not sure why, but now I'm not going to get the 2,500 no battles lost bonus. Yay... Hope it doesn't happen again and make me lose the rift.
  9. Tsukiakari

    Bug - Normal The crash problem getting worse after the 4.3 update

    I used to report this bug since 4.2 because this is where the crash start to get a little bit frustrated. After 4.2, I can only play 8~10 prize fight matches in a sesion before restart the app to avoid crashing (and it will crash if I forgot and continue to play). But I can still hang on to it...
  10. DrakeFarve

    Bug - Normal Crashing in versus mode

    Since update 4.3 it is true that I have experienced several bugs, some performance and connection problems, but really what gives me the most problems is that when entering versus mode, whether competitive or free, just before starting, the game closes or it freezes which makes it very difficult...
  11. Chocostix

    Bug - Crash Unplayable in this version.

    Model: Note 3 Version: 5.0 So I'm in a pickle as of now. Apparently the latest update of Skullgirls, 2.6.1 I believe, crashes me with the 'stopped working' message box in many occasions. 1) Randomly. 2) Every time I start up a match when pressing 'FIGHT!' so I basically cannot play this game...
  12. empanadas de pollo

    Bug - Crash cant join in daily events

    Phone specifications error : when I try to play the daily event mode, the game closes automatically and which does not allow me to progress in it. If you can help me I would appreciate it! ♪♫I consider brave the one who conquers his desires, since the hardest victory is that of oneself.♫♪