• [2018/06/22]
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daily events

  1. HeGunz

    Fights Daily Rework Feedback or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

    Hello friends, it is Bear. I had written about 5 pages then decided that was too much; let me hit on the important notes instead. Note: I have a very narrow view from the top 1%, please comment below anything I whiffed on. Brief History Lesson The bulk of this patch is excellent and makes me...
  2. Salmonid

    Other Dailies Skip/Auto Suggestion

    Can we add a feature for people who are level seventy where they can skip battles in Daily events when using a team of stronger fighters or something like that? I noticed in a few other mobile games there are options like this where weaker daily grind fights can be skipped if the team is like...
  3. Prof. Rokferbranes

    A More Than Enthused Daily Boss (After Time Out Bug)

    So I guess I’m back to recant to you folks another story of how I stumbled upon another bug. I was in the Big Band Daily Event (Master), trying to level up a couple of Silver Parasoul’s. I was fighting the Boss node with a Bloodbath Eliza, and the timer ran out just as I finished off the second...
  4. M

    Resolved Navigation in story mode and daily events

    Hello, this is my first time posting a bug. I have been playing this game for quite a while now, but I noticed there is a bug and I am not sure if it is either new or not as I did have the game since jan but never really played that much before. the bug is as stated in title is the navigation...
  5. F

    Fights Ridiculously unfair fights.

    This is the very first time I have to make a forum account to complain about a game. So I hope I'm on the right section - feedback. First of all, I will let you know that I played my share of fighting games. I know my stuff. I admit that I might not be the best gamer ever, but I managed to beat...
  6. Blastze

    Bug - Normal Level up Glitch

    I've been encountering a level up glitch while playing in all game modes, whether it be Prize Fights, Daily Events or Story Mode. If any character receives sufficient experience to level up more than once in one fight. (Ex. Level 1 fighter goes up to level 7 in one match). The game will not...
  7. Echoes

    Fights Walking The Beat Expert Daily

    Walking The Beat is by far the hardest daily in existence. On Expert, every fighter has a 15% chance to proc Invincible on taking a hit. This alone is incredibly painful and irritating (maybe 5%?) but it is once combined with First Aid, giving a 3000-odd FS fighter nigh-infinite health unless...
  8. fatfursatan

    Other Daily Events for Gaining Experience & Gold

    The loading screen tips recommend using Prize Fight to grind. However, as the difficulty steadily increases, it's actually a TERRIBLE place to grind up low-level fighters. Many mobile games have once-a-day/high-energy daily events for gaining experience through drops of unusable/bad characters...