• [2018/06/22]
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  1. R

    Attacking Right After Opponent Stops Blocking or Breaks my Throw

    I am mostly a defensive player, so I am always blocking at the start, but I usually end up getting comfortable with the opponent I am fighting and either win easily or lose massively. I have developed two strategies to avoid the latter: 1. If the opponent breaks my Throw, I try to use a special...
  2. Rudølf

    Bug - Normal Second Dash Delay Exceptions?

    Okay, as far as I know, when you start a hit with a dash, and use a dash again later on in the combo, it's delayed a bit. For context, think of the classic D1>G5>Launch>D1>Follow-up depending on character. You'd notice the second dash is delayed a bit (hafto admit I dunno why though). But, say...