• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Xurreal

    Characters Character Fighter Card Energy display

    Hi everyone. I was Skull-king around and I realized that Prize Fight Energy and regular old Energy like to use the Substitute move at random if we are swapping back and forth between Fight types. Would it be possible to display both types of fighter energy reserves in the collection screen...
  2. M

    Other Energy

    It would be great if either the energy cost of each fight was reduced or better yet if you only lost energy if you lose the fight. It's a great game but it's really annoying having to wait after every other battle.
  3. S

    Bug - Normal Leveling a fighter up through Power Up doesn’t replenish their energy

    iPhone 7, iOS 11.2.6 I apologize if everything is working as intended, just seemed counterintuitive enough to be considered a bug. Steps to reproduce: Have a fighter with spent energy Sacrifice enough fighters through Power Up to level this fighter (amount of levels gained doesn’t matter)...
  4. Shawesome

    Bug - Normal Energy Disappears

    I had just exited Gold Prize Fight to continue Big Band's Origin Story. My Bassline hadfull energy and after one fight it went to 0. Not only that but when I checked the time left for him to recharge it was 0:00:00. I think this might go away if you close the game fully, but it's still rather...
  5. Wilhiem

    Energy Regeneration Time

    Just in case you guys were wondering... Per energy - 10 minutes Max out energy - 100 minutes = 1 hr and 40 minutes Credit goes to Keebs for informing me of this.