• [2018/06/22]
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error in game

  1. Jocemigue

    Bug - Normal Win rift fights but count like lose

    I win this fight but the loading screen keeps for a while and count as lost
  2. A

    Bug - Crash The "victory - defeat" screen didn't show up on Rift Battles

    Hello, today I did a rift battle but when I checked for the win or loss, the victory - defeat screen never showed up and it didn't add or subtract points, but I have "1/5 battles completed" and no streak, so idk what happened. Also, the last time I played a rift battle was on Saturday, so my...
  3. empanadas de pollo

    Bug - Crash cant join in daily events

    Phone specifications error : when I try to play the daily event mode, the game closes automatically and which does not allow me to progress in it. If you can help me I would appreciate it! ♪♫I consider brave the one who conquers his desires, since the hardest victory is that of oneself.♫♪