• [2018/06/22]
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event mode

  1. Art3mes

    Fights Event fights: master

    You get to fight against : Bronze in normal mode. Silver in advanced mode. Gold in expert mode. And You get to fight ,again , gold fighters in Master mode. How is this fair? As a level 56 player, master mode is a piece of cake, and after completing it I can't get enough XP to normally level...
  2. Gamma Ray

    Bug - Normal Cancellation Flea Activating During Wyrm Tail

    This bug should be pretty easy to reproduce. When you use Wyrm Tail during MF's master tier event daily, it activates Cencellation Flea automatically despite the text stating that it should only proc during special moves or blockbusters. Any squigly procs this, and you simply need to perform...
  3. E

    Other Event mode: character relic?

    Event mode is one of my favorite things to crash through. I'm pretty new, but I can get through most of the challenges... And on fillia and big band, the RNG gods have graced me with characters strong enough to beat the "only with X" challenges. That being said... I think they could have a bit...