• [2018/06/22]
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  1. BallotBoxer

    Back To School Relic

    BACK TO SCHOOL RELIC Includes: DIAMOND Heart of Darkness Double (NEW!) GOLD Lapis Luxury Eliza (NEW!) Megasonic Big Band (elemental relic exclusive) Weekend Warrior Beowulf SILVER Rock Star Filia (NEW!) Ivy League Parasoul Graveyard Shift Valentine Meet the transfer students: ROCK STAR FILIA...
  2. TonyPartridge30

    Heavy Bleed node in Robo-Fortune’s Daily Event

    How do you do this (specifically talking Master difficulty)? It seems like it requires a specific variant of RF, which is bs, in my opinion. Can’t hit enemies too hard or they gain barrier. Can’t debuff enemies because they get precision and become unblockable. Can’t use variants that self buff...
  3. B

    Resolved Big band event modifiers activating in 1 hit

    In big band event all the fight modifiers can trigger in just 1 jit, meaning that it can go from no buffs to armor, unflinching and invencible in just 1 hit. I am not 100% sure if this can be counted as bug, but posting this since Resonant Evil SA was changed so it could not activate both parts...
  4. U

    Bug - Normal Wrong text in event rewards description

    In the bottom of the current event "rewards" menu, where the minumun score to acces the % rewards should appear, the text is a nonsense. May be a bad English-Spanish translation. It says the following (translated to english): "Chance of 60,000 of removing every beneficial COMBAT EFFECT of the...