• [2018/06/22]
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  1. BallotBoxer

    Season's Beatings 2020

    WINTER HOLIDAYS Season's Beatings Prize Fight 12/23 - 1/1 (10 Days!) SEASON'S BEATINGS Milestone Rewards 14 tier rewards track: 25k = 10 Theonite 5,000 Canopy Coins 50k = 20 Theonite 7,500 Canopy Coins 100k = 2 4h Double XP Boost 30 Theonite 11,250 Canopy Coins 325k = 40 Theonite 17,000 Canopy...
  2. M

    Exclusive fighters from relics

    I know there’s several fighters out there that only appear in specific relics, but I’m not sure which are which. Is there a list detailing what fighters are available in what relics?