• [2018/06/22]
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exp grinding

  1. Art3mes

    [4.6] Holodeck Event: First Impression and Strategies

    How do I begin? 🤔 Holodeck is a great event which provides considerable amounts of EXP within small amounts of time. A dream for many. To me, the event looks the next level of Accursed Experiments but with more EXP in exchange for rewards. But it's not something you can just play around with...
  2. Hall☆weenQueen

    Fights Exp sharing idea

    Bottom line up front: Let's make exp points go a longer way by putting it to non-maxed fighters who need it, rather than have it go unused by maxed fighters. So we've all had to use our max level fighters to beat a node or prize fight team before, but it always seems like wasted exp! This is...
  3. Randomperson11

    Story Removal of experience gain penalty

    I feel that the experience gain penalty on completed stages should be removed, I have mostly bronze fighters and a single silver fighter, I'm stuck on the story mode on BASIC and I cannot progress, my characters are just too under-levelled, and I can't level them up from fighting at all! I can't...