• [2018/06/22]
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expert mode

  1. Black Egret#13

    Dread Locks help?!?

    I'm having a problem on this mission in expert Peacock origin story in a mission where I have to fight with my Peashooter vs Dreadlocks and Parasite Weave. PW isn't that bad as long as I block, but Dread locks destroys my Peacock. Any idea what I should do to counter. Though the Modifier viewer...
  2. TheSwordFactory

    Tips for expert Going All In level?

    There's a specific level on expert mode Going All In, at the River King Casino. You have to face a Raw Nerv Painwheel at 2463, and a Primed Parasoul at 2544. You only get to use one character. They have to be bronze. Christ. I'm sure someone here has done it. If so, I wanna know how and with...