• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Art3mes

    SGM Forums [Update 2021: Features]

    At first look, it's just overwhelming. But it's not after a minute or two. Key Changes: the ones that I encountered. (Mobile Version) 1. Full UI update. 2. You can change your name and email in the profile details section. 3. You can give reactions rather than just a "thumbs up". Try...
  2. PharaohValentine

    Where to discuss

    So I'm not a new player, but I do have a question and I'm not really sure where to ask about it so I though the FAQ section might be a fair place to start. I was wondering; what would be the appropriate thread or forum-page if I want to spitball and discuss ideas for rift nodes? by which I mean...
  3. S


    Medici tower, new mode 100 level tower called The Medici Tower you fight stages that get stronger with each level (that increase in attack modifier ) Medici theme. Resets once per month and gives rewards on every 5th and 10th floor. Medici tower
  4. TasiaChaan

    Bug - Normal Not the game, but the forum

    Yesterday, I found that Google chrome doesn't allow me to open this web because of Security problem. Today they forced me to change the time and date to enter this site. They said the server's certification has expired. Would you resolve this? Or will I be hiatus forever?
  5. F

    Bug - Normal unable to log in in skullgirls forums

    hi guys if someone knows how to reset an account or something cuz look this is what happened, my phone was stolen and i lost authy the app that we normaly use for 2 factor verification the problem is that i tried to bring the information of the app to this new phone but the account didnt have...
  6. video game

    OFFICIAL: Forum FAQ! - How to use the forums 1.0

    Know How to Post First and foremost, make sure you read the forum rules! (GO NOW!) How do I style my post or add media? To style your post or add media like a video or image, use the toolbar at the top of the edit box when posting. You can also learn the ways of BB code in the Help section. (GO...