• [2018/06/22]
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game chat

  1. Cyan14

    Loved by many, banned for free speech

    I start by saying, I do understand that this is necessary and deserved for the most part. No one should have that much freedom. But permanently getting banned for the first time is too unfair a punishment. I know punishment should be unfair, but not when the real people in the channels know that...
  2. A

    Bug - Normal possibly hacker! Left a message...

  3. M

    Bug - Crash Glitch chat

    ВYesterday a hacker appeared who changed his level from -1 to 22222 and broke the chat. The error is still happening, please fix it
  4. Gersann

    Other Violation of conduct

    Hello people I can't take any more racist talk, homophobia, hate speech, bullying and free offenses in the game chat. More specifically in chat n ° 1000 where Brazilian players are concentrated. There, all specified rules of conduct are violated every day, all day. I've already reported it and...