• [2018/06/22]
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gifting feature

  1. Ermes Costello

    Other Option of choosing which gift you want to send to your friend

    I don't know when gifts were released in game, but I'm pretty sure it was enough time to give us an option of choosing which type of gift you want to send to your friend. I totally respect your work dear devs, you gave us the best fighting mobile game, but anyway I don't think it's too hard to...
  2. N

    Other So... Friends

    Sooo this new feature just got announced. And i like it well kinda... because gifting is good and gifts have good loot. But thats not "friendship" noone still talk with ya or knows ya. Its just gifting system... idk if private messages will be a thing or nah but it would be cool for us playsers...
  3. 2nd

    Collection Change gift cap from 50 to 50 of each

    With the current system, players who play enough to reach the cap can find themselves in a situation where they cannot reciprocate a gold gift due to having 50 pink gifts and not being able to find any more. I propose that the two have caps separate from each other, so it doesn't feel like...
  4. Sayonara

    Other Gifting Feature

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have the feature to send and/or receive gifts? Whether it is for friends or just random kindness, being able to send gifts to friends using the upcoming social/friend system would be great! You can use Theonite or Credit Card to buy the gift packs. Perhaps you can click...