• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Ermes Costello

    Other Option of choosing which gift you want to send to your friend

    I don't know when gifts were released in game, but I'm pretty sure it was enough time to give us an option of choosing which type of gift you want to send to your friend. I totally respect your work dear devs, you gave us the best fighting mobile game, but anyway I don't think it's too hard to...
  2. R

    Bug - Normal Not exactly a bug, just an oversight: Accolades

    I got a gold fighter from a friend gift but the collection accolade Gold Fighter achievement hasn't been fulfilled. You can see the gold fighter as my profile pic.
  3. A

    Other Ratio filter for gifts

    Would an implementation of gift ratios be possible/good? As in ratio of gifts received to gifts given.
  4. N

    Other Friend sorting via gifts

    It’d neat and a great qol improvement if we have an option to sort friends where those who have sent the user a gift for the day will be at the top. It saves a bit of time (which eventually adds up) scrolling through the buddy list to find who to return gifts to. Edit: I would also like to ask...