• [2018/06/22]
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  1. S

    Bug - Normal Graphics glitch after looking at Parasite Weave’s skill tree

    Album: https://imgur.com/a/Wa3WaIk iOS 11.2.6, iPhone 7 This only happens with Parasite Weave, this team and this enemy team lineup. Steps to reproduce: 1. Access PW’s skill tree through the TEAM button in bottom center. 2. Go back to team overview. I’ve tried this against two other enemy...
  2. CrunchyRin

    Other Device Optimization

    This is like a hard suggestion to begin with ... Can you guys implement like more graphics settings ... I'm experiencing dropped FPS on my Note 8 (Exynos Version) this occurs on many maps even with lighting disabled ... I get smooth FPS when on sparring but on some levels like the Lava Stage...
  3. T

    Bug - Normal Distorted Graphics

    So, I just installed the game yesterday and binged all day. Made it to level 6, no problem. Then this happened today when I started the game up on my Galaxy Note 5: Cleared cache and data. Reset permissions. Restarted my phone. Aaaand the result: Uninstalled, reinstalled. Wash, rinse...