• [2018/06/22]
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  1. A

    Bug - Normal possibly hacker! Left a message...

  2. S

    Resolved Posible hack

    Soy Blood Raggedy Captura tomada aproximadamente el 24 de julio aproximadamente a las 12 pm hora México El usuario Українська маршрутка derroto a mis personajes que sumaban aproximadamente 98.1k con sus personajes que apenas alcanzaban los 4928
  3. C

    Other I found that

  4. iisxphiie


    his username is BigThorne and this was the spring cleaning pf
  5. O

    Bug - Normal Hacker on top 1 Prize Fights (Sorry not enough evidence)

    As title says, i'm really sorry if this violate the rules, because : - I don't have enough evidence which is, hacker's account name (previous was GGHEX, now just gone (probably he is changing the account's name)) - I don't know the time this happened, if only dev can see through database on...